Retirement Is Fun…If You Are Doing What You Enjoy

Mary Jane and I had an enjoyable dinner with our good friend, Scott, last evening.

We were discussing retirement and some of the keys to being successful at it.

One of the predominant precepts in the on-going success of retirement is to be actively engaged in something that you enjoy doing.

We enjoy traveling and have done quite a bit of it since our retirement in 2011.  However, it is difficult to travel all of the time…and a bit tiring.

Volunteering is a very fulfilling pastime and with the unique component of helping others.  I spent three years as a member of our church board and was engaged several times per week in church matters.  Also, Jonathon and I belonged to the local Kiwanis Club for about a year and one half.

We are in our fourth year of working with Meals on Wheels in Carbondale.

I was very involved in volunteer work during my time at SIU.  At one time I was the Chair of the Civil Service Council and the University’s representative on the Employee Advisory Committee to the Merit Board, for Civil Service Staff, and State Universities Retirement System Members Advisory Committee.

I was honored to be asked to serve as the Civil Service Council’s representative on the State Universities Annuitants Association, for two terms, since my retirement.

However, I think that happiness in retirement has inherent within it’s requirements a certain routine of engaging in a few hobbies or passions…each day.

I have enjoyed attending the movie theatre…since I was a boy.

When I first retired, and Mary Jane was still working, I would go to the movie three and four times per week.  Many of the movies were excellent…but others were mediocre and not a good use of my precious emeritus status.

Although I still attend movies, when there is one that I want to see, I have settled into a daily routine that when I awaken each morning…I am excited to see what the new day brings!

I read, roughly two books per month, with the help of

I walk on the Campus of my home away from home, SIU, daily.

I do photography daily.

I write…daily.

Writing allows me to explore around ten

primary areas that interest me in an immersing and consuming manner:

  1. Philosophy
  2. The Human Experience
  3. Social Justice
  4. Religion
  5. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  6. Travel
  7. Current and Political Events
  8. Leadership
  9. Art
  10. The Divisions of Race and Ethnicity and Religion and Tribalism

You have heard the axiom; ‘It was the best of times…it was the worst of times.’

Inclusiveness and acceptance and love for other’s…makes retirement and life…happy.

One of the singular, great events, of my retirement has been my, long lost siblings contacting me, and our ongoing, family relationship with my brother Brock and Marcy and Jeb and Jaime.

Retirement affords time for reflection and thought and the development of ideas that have kicked around in my head…for many years.

My friend, Jo Ann, called me a Renaissance Man, many years ago…I hope that I can fulfill that title.




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