The Vacillating Vicissitudes of Life

Vicissitude – ‘he maintains his sunny disposition despite life’s vicissitudes’

‘synonyms – change, alteration, transformation, metamorphosis, transmutation, mutation, modification, transition, development, shift, switch, turn’   Oxford Living Dictionaries

‘Vacillate – go back and forth’

Synonyms: waffle, seesaw, waver, fluctuate, dither, oscillate, hesitate, hover, reel, rock, alternate, straddle, stagger, pause, swing, hedge, sway, change, hem and haw, silly-shally, be indecisive, be irresolute, change mind, fence-straddle, pussyfoot around, run hot and cold, whiffle, yo-yo’   Oxford Living Dictionaries

To live is to change.

When I was a schoolboy I could not wait to become an adult and go to work and make my own decisions.

Life seemed to be an unending road of opportunity and choices and decisions that were yet to be made.

The truth is that every turn in the road of life, that you take, has a cause and effect.

Life is a bit like the game of Monopoly in that there are constant changes and alterations to your expectations.

Some, even ‘go to jail and do not pass Go and do not collect $200.00.’

One of the great secrets of an enjoyable life is becoming accustomed to change.

I had a friend and a former History graduate student who was on the fast track to obtaining a Ph.D in his Discipline and becoming a professor.  He fell in love with a young woman who had several children…and subsequently he changed his Graduate  plans and went to work at Best Buy…to support his instant family.

A sudden change in your health…will alter your life plans.

War changes the life paths of the majority of a countries’s citizenry that are engaged in it.

World War II caused the citizens for many nations…to drop what they were doing and focus on one goal…winning the war.

The dropping of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki…changed the life of all who were not killed…in a permanent and often devastating manner.

I have witnessed many who travel across the country and around the globe in the quest of finding the illusive peace and happiness…that can only be found…within.

The only thing that is certain about life…is change.

From a youth to a young adult to a middle aged adult…to a senior citizen…the constant is change and the acclamation to it.

Life is a bit like riding a roller coaster…the high hills and deep valleys and the sharp corners…are frightening and exhilarating.

But, oh, what an exciting and unique…ride!


4 responses

  1. I love your reflections of life and find it meaningful indeed. A good share and a great read with the lovely photos. Have a great Friday and weekend ahead BJ!

    1. You are too kind, my friend. I appreciate your sharing that my, meager, writings were meaningful for you. 🌞

      1. I always believe in life’s vicissitudes and your honesty always makes me think and reflect. Much thanks for a good read this afternoon over my lunch time!

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