Discipline…A Difficult Word

‘Discipline – training to act in accordance with rules; drill:’

‘Activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training:  A daily stint at the typewriter is excellent discipline for a writer.’

‘The rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc.:’   Dictionary.com

Often the only real difference between successful people and those who are unsuccessful…is discipline.

We bemoan the challenges in our lives.

We want to be thinner…but we do not want to change our eating habits.



We want to have more money…but we do not want to cut our, discretionary,  expenses that drain our cash reserves.

We want advancement and promotion on the job…but we do not want to focus and immerse ourselves on the tasks that have been given us.



There are four times in my life that I found discipline invaluable to the goal that I was seeking.

As a very young man, I was terminated from a janitorial service.  I was newly married and my wife was a school teacher and I was throughly embarrassed.  Although I was working between 12 – 16 hour per day on this job…six days per week…my best was not good enough.

Not long after my termination, at 20 years old, I was offered a Building Service Worker I position at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  From the the first day that I began the assignment…I determined that I was going to be a professional custodial worker…I was going to be the best.

I worked very hard towards my goal and often would not take my breaks or lunch period in order to facilitate my vision of success.

The last 25 years of my 32+ years with SIU I spent as either the Assistant Superintendent of Building Services or, during the final 13 years, the Superintendent.

In the middle of the last decade I set my mind to change my habit of eating and loose weight.  During a period of six months I lost 95 pounds.



Failure is a habit…success is a habit.

It has been said that it takes around 21 days to change a bad habit.

For many years I have wanted to walk for my health on a daily basis.  Even after retirement I had trouble keeping this goal.

I can attest that after a few weeks of staying dedicated to my desire to walk daily…I have been successfully doing so for the past two years.

I have wanted to be a writer since Mr. Feazel, my Social Studies teacher, told the class that my writing was so natural and that it was, ‘just like Bradley was talking with us.’

Writing has been a, somewhat allusive goal, but, I am well into my fourth year of writing on a daily basis…and I am working on a book about my experiences at SIU.

The mythical monster…that seems insurmountable in our lives is, often, little more than a change in habit…that takes a period of time to accomplish.



Replace the negative picture of yourself, that is in your head, with a positive vision of the, ‘you’, that you want to be!

We all see the world through our eyes and looking out of our skull…we live in our heads.



A recognized theory of quantum physics is that all molecules and atoms are moving constantly…and that what you visually see…is what your brain has decoded.

Practice seeing…a successful ‘you!’

Practice seeing…a thinner ‘you’!

Practice seeing…a ‘you’ that has the financial resources to accomplish what you desire to enable a happy life.



7 responses

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌞

  1. As always, you make me reflect. Much thanks for a good share BJ! Garfield hugs and you have done really well in life. Really proud of your achievements as you forged on despite losing your first job at an early age. That did not set you back and instead pushed you on to become better and better.

    1. Thank you, my friend. You are too kind. 🤠

  2. We can do almost anything if we just it one step at a time. Well done!

    1. Thank you, my friend. 😁

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