My friend, of many years, and former SIUC Chancellor, Jo Ann Argersinger, often referred to the ability to focus on the task at hand.

I had the privilege of taking two of the history courses that she taught as well as witnessing her astute administrative and leadership skills and I did note her total immersion in what she was doing.

Have you ever experienced someone who is supposed to be providing you a service…and yet they seemed a million miles from your needs…that they were supposed to be addressing?

Sadly, it is not unusual to be shopping in your local department store or Wal-Mart or supermarket and feel as if you are totally alone even though you are in a crowd of people.

As you search for a person, who works for the establishment, and you notice that when they see you…they seem to go the other way.

On more than one occasion I have asked a Wal-Mart employee for assistance and their response to me was that they were either going to their break or that they were on their break.  One of the occasions involved an aisle full of spilled laundry detergent that was extremely slick and was a safety hazard.  I informed the person that did not have time for the safety issue that I would inform their manager…to which they groused that they would mop it up.

Now, this is not just Wal-Mart staff or retail workers but, indeed, this illness of ‘surface service’ has permeated the professional ranks as well.

It is a bit disconcerting when you tell your doctor your symptoms and they ignore you or do not have more than the 10 minutes allotted to your office visit.

Or if you are a member of an office staff and you have been anointed to accomplish the lion’s share of the work…while your co-workers study their smart telephones.

Many of us say that immigrants are stealing our jobs….

Are you willing to pick apples or peaches or cut grass?  I am not referring to doing a half ass job of picking fruit…but rather working 12 – 15 hour days in the hot sun.

When I became a Building Service Worker I at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1978…I determined that I was going to be a professional custodial employee.

The illustrious Building Service Staff at SIU…is something to behold in our world of a hit and a miss…or ‘good enough for government work.’

Building Services is currently working with a skeleton crew of under 60 full time employees and maintaining over 200 building per day and it is a seven day operation.

Building Services is an elite staff of professionals who double and triple their herculean work load in order to facilitate their University being clean and germ free for our precious students.

These are a group of shock troops that are complexly immersed in their vital academic support duties.

The only way that you can be the manager of SIU’s Building Services is to be a totally committed leader and a person who thinks nothing of devoting many hours to the mission of the organization.

‘Lead, Follow Or Get the Hell Out Of the Way’

Study, research, briefings, reading…and detailed thought and planning go into leading our country.

The State Department is vital and Ambassadors are the thin human line that often separates us from war.

There is a concrete reason that the President of the United States has so many, necessary, advisors.

The critical information that is necessary for the continued survival and viability of the United States of America…can not all be obtained from, Fox and Friends.

Kim Jong-un has murdered his own people and members of his family.

It is wonderful that President Trump obtained the release of three Americans that were being held captive in North Korea…a few days ago.

When the President referred to the North Korean leader being, ‘nice’, he is referring to the leader that sent us Otto Warmbier…nearly dead…and who died a few days after his return to the United States.

Just after the President referred to the North Korean leader as ‘nice’ he asked the three prisoners, that had just been freed, to speak…and one said that he did a lot of hard labor…but that they did treat him…when he became ill.

Kim Jong-un…is not nice.



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