Regarding Mountains…Keep Climbing

The popular singer, James Taylor, told us that,  The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time.’

‘Any fool can do it, there ain’t nothing to it.’

‘Nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill.’



‘But since we’re on our way down, we might as well enjoy the ride.’    Secret O’ Life

However, once we enjoy our ride down the mountain…it is time to climb another.



When I graduated high school I was ready to climb the mountain of work and career and university education…all at once.

Forty-three years later…as I slid down the mountain of work and career and sixteen hour days and often weekends and being a part of the physically and intellectually challenged being offered career opportunities…I planned on my next mountain to climb.

Although the parameters were more on my terms and clock…they were still ambitious.

We humans live for challenge.

Challenge is what gets us out of bed in the morning…and keeps us up late into the night.

Innate in our being is the inherent desire to improve our self…make our world a better place to live, and help others.

Scientist tell us that, not only our universe but all of the countless universes that we can observe through the Hubble and other powerful telescopes, are expanding.  The stars and the planets are all moving away from us.

As children of the universe…we are expanding, also.

It makes no difference what we have attained…we seek to do more.

My friend, Jeff, attained success before he was thirty years old.  He, absolutely, could be enjoying the ride down the hill of financial freedom and knowledge that he has helped countless people.

But, instead, he travels and speaks and ministers and mentors, all that seek his advice in the United Kingdom.

I read a newspaper article written by my old friend Glenn Poshard.  Glenn has been a several term United States Congressman and the Democratic Candidate for the Governor of Illinois and the President of Southern Illinois University.  Glenn and his wife Jo have a foundation that helps abused and neglected children.

The article, Glenn wrote, spoke of the original vision of our country and how we are straying from that vision.  Glenn is constantly seeking how he can help someone.

The retired Thai navy diver was willing to climb another mountain and he sacrificed his life as he was on a mission to provide the Thai soccer team, that was trapped since June 23 in cave in Thailand, air tanks…when he ran out of oxygen.

The remaining  divers did not say that the mission was too difficult when they saw their colleague give his life…they, courageously, rescued all twelve of the team and their coach.

Is there an insurmountable challenge in front of you…perhaps not…if you take it a day at a time.

Someone asked me how I possibly stood being an employee at SIU for over thirty-two years…and I responded…one day at a time.

Whether it is; weight loss or money management or the mission to write a book…it is better faced…one day at a time.



Many of  life’s challenges that seemed extreme to me, such as becoming a manager at SIU, slowly dissipated into nothing as I lived and worked the challenge…one day at a time.

Do you desire to be more healthy…walk a mile a day…slow…and see where it leads?

Life is a series of habits…we will either inculcate good habits or the bad ones will come…as we slide down the hill.




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  2. Bit-sized chunks…the mantra of a good project manager too. Wonderful images.

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🤠

  3. Or even bite-sized…woops!

    1. Thank you. 🌞🏔

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