‘When Trouble Comes Knocking At Your Door’

My new lawn mowing service mowed my grass, yesterday.  They came when they said that they would and they did what they said that they would do…and my lawn has never looked so good!


Green Living Yard Works is the name of the service and they replaced my former service, or lack thereof, and I was inspired by their beginnings with me.

So often we hear, in our great nation, that there are simply no jobs.  I would beg to disagree as there are many labor jobs…if you do not think yourself too good for the assignment.

Often, the best way to shake off and ward off trouble away from knocking at your door, is action.


I have known several people that worked at SIU during the evening hours and mowed lawns all day prior to coming to work.

Of late, our local McDonalds restaurants have more seniors working in them that ever before.  Many times the senior employees are the best!


One of the, short list Jurist, that was being considered for the Supreme Court had driven a cab…at one time.

When I was a youngster, it was common to see man and women make careers working in department stores and dime stores and factories.

The philosophy of starting out at the bottom or working your way up from the ground floor, was predominate in our culture…just a few short years ago.

Now, we attempt to plug everyone into a college education…but everyone does not fit this template or mold.

There is a spirit of entrepreneurship

in taking the low level job and proving yourself to be self motivated and reliable and a producer of an excellent work product whether you are the janitor or the CEO of the corporation.

A diligent worker who produces an excellent work product will not go unnoticed by a keen eyed manager or administrator.

Our nation was built by hardscrabble pioneers that worked from dawn to dusk and who did not know the meaning of sitting idle…

Our nation has many troubles knocking at our door…but one, stellar, solution of scaring trouble away is a ‘can do’ spirit that simply will not take no for an answer.

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