Southern Illinois University President Dorsey… Is a Breath of Fresh Air

‘Interim SIU president says he plans to operate ‘less driven by fear and more by opportunity.’    Southern Illinoisan

‘Clearly the system has to be healed, because if one part of us is sick, it’s going to infect the entire body or entire system,’ Dorsey said.’    Southern Illinoisan


‘We both know that this is not something I am going to wave a wand (and it’ll all be all better),’ Dorsey said.  Everyone involved in both schools are going to have to shake off the negativity and adjust their focus, he said.    Southern Illinoisan

‘My style is not to beat people into submission, that’s not going to do it.’    SI

‘He said he plans to operate on a system that is ‘less driven by fear and more by opportunity.’    SI

The interim president has called for the Carbondale campus community to look at things from a different perspective and to not be myopic.

Dorsey believes that we should focus on what is good for the ‘entire population and the ‘common good.’

IMG_1403 2

SIUC is full of faculty and staff that have a burning desire to see their campus flourish, once again.

IMG_1412 2

I have colleagues and friends that work countless hours endeavoring to create a renaissance at the flagship campus of Southern Illinois University.

The SIUC community has patiently waited for a leader to call on them to engage in a synergy that will unleash an explosion of entrepreneurship and energy that can not be contained in Little Egypt.


Peace and collaboration and working hand in hand as trusted colleagues and partners…is the clarion call of a wise leader.

Innovation and experimentation and the development of a hypothesis that leads to new academic understanding…is what university is all about.

Have you ever visited Oxford University in Oxford, England?

It is a small English hamlet that is rather nondescript.  It is replete with many notable pubs and small shops and a university community that is known the world over for producing leaders in politics and academia and business….because it has taken hold of an unshakeable vision of who it is and what its mission is in the wider world.


Last week Apple became a trillion dollar industry.  It was fashioned on the vision of a visionary, Steve Jobs, and his mission to combine art with technology.

Have you ever had the opportunity to see an artist at work?  I have been fascinated by art, for many years, and love to learn of artist’s stories and the influences, on their lives, that formed their creations.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is the ideal rural and pastoral environment to foster thought.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is the ideal university to attract the innovators and geniuses and visionaries of the world…to come together and brainstorm on solutions for our troubled planet.

The university is about seeking…and breaking through the current understanding of the human family…and creating an end product that heals and helps the entire population.




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