‘Habit – A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.  It was his habit to go for a run every morning.’   Dictionary

Since I retired, at the conclusion of 2010, I have noticed that good habits are difficult to form and bad habits are difficult to break.

Answers, on Google search, tells me that it takes 7 days to make a habit and 30 days to break one.  However, the article goes on to say that, most people, believed that it takes 20-30 days to break a habit.

In order to break a bad habit you must replace it with something else.

Often we are governed by our learned behaviors.

As I am watching television and some eye pleasing food is part of the program…I want to join the actors with a tasty morsel…or more…from my refrigerator.

What activity do we, primarily engage in on; Christmas, birthdays, vacations, celebrations and almost any other event where we humans gather…eating!

Eating can be a substitute for; happiness, sadness, entertainment, and a multitude of other events that are not connected to our health or well being.

When I first retired I had the simple goals of more reading and writing and walking. I wanted these, self improvement ideas, to be realized…and I knew that if I had a long list that some, if not all, would never be accomplished.

Although I am closing in on 8 years of retirement…I have only been consistent on the walking goal for, about, the past 5 years.  Prior to that my efforts achieved 2-3 times per week.  Now I average 6-7 days a week.

The writing goal is something that I have talked about for the majority of my life.  Until 4 years ago, I engaged in the lifelong goal…only periodically.  Now I average 6-7 days per week.

My reading goal has been a more consistent project for me…due to audible books that I listen to on my walks.  I have been averaging 25-30 books per year.

When I was employed at Southern Illinois University, I was ecstatic to have such a golden opportunity for a job that could be my career.  I decided, from my first week with the organization, that I was going to be a professional custodial employee.  Whatever  I was assigned to do…I had the habit of doing more.

Addictions are nothing more than habits that have gone to the extreme.

You may enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner and it is a lovely adult beverage and experience…but if one glass leads to a bottle or more…perhaps it has become a bad habit?

I have worked with people that the habit of victimhood was a mindset that they lived their life by.  They had decided that nothing ever was going to go their way and, thus, their lives were governed by the dark cloud that they were certain was hovering over their head.

As a manager, I worked with some staff who with my best efforts, could not be talked into success.  They were determined that a job was ‘just a paycheck’ and that management had but one purpose, and that was to make their life miserable.

We can see our country as either a land of golden opportunity for all…or we can see it as a dark and stormy place that is full of broken promises and unrealized dreams.

Throughout my life I have discovered that I am the product of what I read and who I listen to and the habit of focusing on the improvement of myself and my environment.

Former Chancellor Argersinger told me, once, that she noticed that I worked to make Building Services, more, than most people would think of.

SIU Carbondale has the stellar opportunity for re-birth.  The decision is ours…do we want to engage, once again, in the habit of the possible…and follow the famous Holiday movie, Its a Wonderful Life, character of George Bailey…and ‘lasso the moon’…for our students?

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  1. The “habit” grabbed my attention. I have always heard the 7 days to form one…MUCH longer to break one…but from the age of 4 or 5, through adulthood, I was a coffee drinker. In my forties, I would drink 3 or 4 pots a day and not think twice about it.
    One day I thought “I’m going to give up coffee.” I did and never drank another cup.
    For ten or fifteen years, I drank a gallon of milk every day. If I got down to 4 gallons in my refrigerator, I’d be off to the store to buy 4 more. One day I decided “I’m going to give up milk.” I have never had another sip. That was 7 years ago.
    People have always said “I hate you for being able to just give something up and never think about it again.” LOL

    1. As a youngster, I too, drank a gallon of milk 🥛 per day. And, for years I consumed multiple pots of ☕️.

      Probably, the only habit that I have ever changed, for a time, was the decision to loose weight and subsequently dropping over 90 lbs. However, it is time to form that, good, habit…again.

      You have a great gift. 🌞

      1. I don’t think I ever got enough milk as a child…perhaps that’s why I started drinking so much. I used to worry that I was a “milkaholic.”
        When I stopped drinking it, I too lost weight. Since I was already thin, it turned me almost skeletal.
        I’ve never recovered. Sigh.
        I’ve never recovered

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