A New Beginning!

I know that it must get tiresome reading my continuing blogs posts regarding Southern Illinois University at Carbondale…but it is an institution that I love and have been involved with for 40 years.

IMG_1600 3.jpg

SIU is preparing, Monday, to begin the Fall Semester 2018, and they have rolled out the red carpet!

I often wonder if administration realizes the, buy-in and dedication of their civil service staff, into the ultimate success of SIUC?

I am thinking of, a husband and wife, who both work for SIU that work untold hours to ensure that SIU is in, top form, and ready to address any and all student needs!

My son, Jonathon, who is a civil service employee, takes the welfare of the students as th-13his personal responsibility and does everything in his power to ensure that their welfare if of paramount importance!

I was a member of the Building Service staff or over 32 years.  During that time our student worker staff grew from 120 to 250 and our students were extremely important to our mission.

Civil Service Staff…bleed Saluki Maroon!


We not only bonded with our students…we adopted them…I often told Alfie, my African American Muslim Son, that he ‘was my son…but he just would not call me…daddy!’  Alfie, responded, recently, that, ‘he would call me…daddy!’

Does administration understand…how many hours that we work for the betterment of our University?

Do they know the struggles…and the setbacks and the disappointments that we experience…to facilitate our mission of…being the answer to…SIUC’s enrollment problem?

IMG_1549 3

I love SIUC faculty!

Many of my close friends are SIUC faculty.

But, do  you realize that many of your civil service staff are over worked and underpaid and stressed…beyond belief…out of their, supreme, love for their Campus and their, demonstrated, desire to assist in its struggle?

IMG_1598 2

When I was working for SIUC I typically spent 60 – 80 hours per week.  I wanted SIUC to succeed, with every fiber of my being, and there was not enough hours in the day to facilitate my desire to enable us to return to our former excellence!

I, call on, all administrators, to look upon your cilvil service staff and take note of their unparalleled


IMG_1666 4

Southern Illinois University will return to its former glory…but the civil service staff…will be instrumental in that return!




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  1. Great post. The thought occurs to me that Administrators, if they don’t know of the dedication of he civil service staff, may not want to know, because why pay more for what they can get without paying more (just the cynic in me, perhaps).

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