Write What You Know

For the past few, retirement, years I have been actively involved in my life long passion of writing.

I was watching a Showtime network. long running television series, The Affair, and throughly enjoyed a particular exchange between the actor, Dominic West character, Noah…who is a writer, and his protege, and aspiring writer…Anton.

Through the twists and turns of the penultimate episode and the finale, for the season, last night, Noah Solloway and Anton are on their way to Princeton, where Noah, a popular author, has a friend who chairs the english department and who he has put in a good word for Anton…with.

When Noah’s friend asks the student in her writing class, where Anton is sitting in, to write a description of someone and take only fifteen minutes to do so, Anton writes one of Noah.

While the beginning of the description, that Anton reads aloud to the class, is complimentary and perhaps glowing regarding his mentor…his observations soon  become more real and at times unflattering and caustic.

When Noah chastises Anton, who is African American and the son of the Principle of the Charter School, in California, where Noah is a teacher, Anton replies that what he wrote was what he believed would be, readily accepted by the audience that he was writing for and that to write his real and candid observations was what he considered….the definition of a writer.

‘Writing is easy.  You just open a vein and bleed.’    Walter Wellesley ‘Red’ Smith

In order to connect with a reading audience and writer must have an authenticity and genuineness of spirit that is portrayed in the written word that is being placed upon the paper.

The writing that has moved me has been character driven and something that I could identify with in my life.

When a character, jumps out at you from the page, it is, most likely, a representation of a real person or a composite of people that the author knew.

‘And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.’    John 1:14   KJV

Often, a sentence or a phrase or a character…will captivate our mind and emotions.

Writing is a bit of a spiritual experience.  Often those stories and ideas that are part of your life and experience and subconsciousness…come to the surface in unique and interesting manners.

I have heard authors say that they could not wait to get back to writing a novel, that they were working on, or a short story, because they wanted to see what their characters were going to do next?

I have discovered that if I am, true, to myself as a, hobbyist, author…I must be honest about my perception of the subject that I am scribbling about.  At times…honesty has negative elements and constructive criticism.

Anyone that knows me, knows, that I would never intentionally hurt anyone.

I asked a member of my staff, several years ago, when she informed me that she did not completely trust me,…have I ever lied to you?  She replied that I had not.

I then asked her if I had ever failed to fulfill what I had told her that I was going to do or had failed to keep a assurance or promise to her…she answered that I had not.

And, so it is with life,…the more bona fide and veritable that we are with each other…the more we can walk down the road to understanding each other.

Writings that enthrall me…are narratives that I can see the, previously, unrevealed thoughts of the author…and hear their heartbeats offered as a gift to the lucky reader.





4 responses

  1. Happy Retirement. I just retired on August 16th. So happy and glad to be a lady of leisure.
    Even before I retired I worked on my writing and photography. Earlier this year I began to get into collages and painting. I’ve been part of a few art exhibits and next year spring 2019 I hope to have my own art exhibition featuring my paintings and collages.

    1. Congratulations on your retirement! I know that you will enjoy it. 🌞

      1. Yes. A wonderful experience. Excited for this New chapter in my life.

      2. My cat Sylvester is also happy to have me home more often. Not as much separation anxiety. Meow.

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