Stress or ‘Serenity Now!’

Have you ever felt stressed?

In todays hurry up and work harder society, you may answer…have I ever not felt stressed.

‘Life is short.’

‘Cut out negativity, forget gossip, say goodbye to people who don’t care.  Spend time with the people who are always there.’    Simple Reminders.

‘What do you call a person who is happy on Monday?  Retired.’    Sun Gazing

In our country there is so much emphasis placed upon succeeding in society and working longer hours and striving to climb on to the next rung of the ladder…that it is easy to miss the point of our existence.

There are some christian sects that equate money with God’s blessings.  They believe that if you are wealthy and have great possessions that, you are not only in the special class of humanity that the Creator loves, but your capitalistic success, on Earth, will determine your place in heaven.

California Representative, Duncan Hunter, and his wife, Margaret, have received a 60 count indictment in San Diego, filed in federal court.  The couple is accused of spending a quarter of a million dollars of campaign money to fund their extravagant lifestyles.  The 43 page indictment included a 14 thousand dollar trip to Italy and golf shorts for Duncan, and hundreds of dollars at In and Out Burger and a ticket for their pet rabbit to fly on an airplane.

When asked on Fox News, Representative Hunter responded, ‘She, (referring to his wife) was also the campaign manager, so whatever she did that’ll be looked into, I’m sure.’

Another news article says that the Hunters were overdrawn in their personal bank account, over 38 thousand dollars.

Now, I do not know what possessed the Hunters to go astray financially…but I do know that money and the lack thereof…creates a tremendous stress in the home and family.

I told myself that I would purchase a new I-Phone each time that  new one was issued or around two years.

The best model of the I-Phone that is currently for sale is $1,000.

I decided to make do with the $700.00 model that I have and own.

My brother, Bill, just purchased a flip phone…I may do the same…I liked the flip phone when I had it and considered it, somewhat, Star Trek, in design.

There is such an ethos in the United States that we must all make it on our own.  We pass by the homeless and wonder why they are in their abject condition.

I saw a photo, on Facebook, where four people were experiencing a Gondola ride in the canals of Venice, Italy.  This…for most of us…is a once in a lifetime experience!

All four of the people in the Gondola…were, intently, looking down at their I-Phones.

Another mass shooting has occurred in our nation…yesterday in Jacksonville, Florida.  Our nation is ill…and we need a doctor…and we need a prescription…to return to our former health.

Sweden is promoting small glass structures where a person can rent one and enjoy laying in the bed, in the total glass house, and gazing up at the stars.

Have you taken time…to gaze at the stars…recently?

I hear , of,  and observe wonderful members of my university, covering more and more job duties as their numbers diminish…and those that love excellence…experience stress.

Go to your local department store and see if you can find someone to help you.  Go to your local Wal-Mart and see if you can find a person to check you out…without a long wait.

American businesses received a massive tax cut…and they sent the money to the bank…and the stockholders are ecstatic as the dividends rise…and the workers, often, need food stamps to supplement their income.

We humans require rest.

Work is nobel and a wonderful and necessary pursuit.

But…you can become burned out…and often you do not know it…until, as the robot used to say on the popular 1960’s science fiction show ‘Lost in Space’, ‘all systems fail.’

I remember waking up at a camp meeting in Topeka, Kansas…when I was just a lad.  The air was cool coming through the, large, open shuttered windows.  I was with my friends…including my buddy, Jim Dunmyer, and I could smell the coffee and the biscuits and the bacon cooking in the building that we had our meals in.   I wanted to find out Gods will for my life…and I felt like I was in a good place to discover a piece of that road map.

I felt a peace that was palpable and a desire to have Gods approval and to have my life, somehow measure up to a greater purpose than myself.


A Peace of Mind

‘When I wake up from my bed in the morning

My saturate eyes open slowly and welcomes the morning sun

Then I feel warm and comfortable at peace of mind

The morning smell of the earth reminds me of my childhood

The wetness of flora brings me cool breeze.

I was born in this universe with peaceful nature around me

Then, I always felt that I was a star on my own brightness.

Learned, the love and kindness brings me a peace of mind.

Learned, the prayers for God brings me a peace of mind

Learned, the help for helpless brings me a peace of mind

Learned, the life of peace brings me a peace of mind

When my saturate eyes close slowly and welcomes the silent night

Then I fall sleep comfortably at peace of mind while praying God

to have another peaceful day.’


by Ravi Sathasivam





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