A Caring Leader

This evening I was privileged to hear Southern Illinois University, Chancellor, Carlo Montemagno, speak to a group from the First Presbyterian church in Carbondale.

I have heard Dr. Montemagno speak on several occasions and have always found him to be an inspirational orator.



The Chancellor began by recalling a, dismal plan, to cut departments and services that fell below a certain statistical floor.  It was called a sustainability plan and contained, the elimination, of many academic programs that were located in departments that were not appropriate for them and programs with low enrollment and significant faculty dedicated to a few students.


His academic restructuring plan is designed to best utilize the resources that are available at SIUC.

Carlo said that he endeavored to speak with every faculty member on campus, regarding their ideas on academic restructuring.

He mentioned, that prior to the closing of the Housing Towers, Food Service was serving 300 breakfast each morning and that now they are serving 900 breakfast each morning…because the students that are housed on campus are now all together and going to breakfast together.

Dr. Montemagno, noted, that one of the first realizations that the had, when he came to Carbondale, is that the university and the region were inextricably linked.  He knew that if the university failed…the entire region would suffer.

As Carlo spoke this evening…I was struck with his humanity and his sincerity and his courage.

I have known many SIUC leaders…and this fine man is the genuine article!

I saw, tonight, that Chancellor Montemagno cares about people…and it caused me to care about his vision and his efforts and to seek some, small manner, in which to help.





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