The Blessing of Normalcy

As we travel on this little blue dot…racing through the cosmos…and as far as we, currently understand, being the the only intelligent life in the universe…we tend to discount the good days.

I said, many years ago, that success is incremental.

Failure is also incremental.

However, we often get lost in the woods when it comes to our daily, seemingly, normal lives.

The routine of helping your children with their homework and watching them play basketball or baseball or engage in tumbling class…and seem to be routine…when in reality is it stunning in its specialness and rarity!

Working, day in and day out, and having a job that you are good at and being respected by your peers and supervisors….can feel mundane and pedestrian…when in reality it is an angel looking over your shoulder…causing you to succeed!

Having your loved ones with you…and easily accessible at a moments notice…seems as if it has always been so…when in truth…it is a gift that may not always be at your fingertips…and as precious as a rare diamond.

Feeling the warm sun on your face, as you are luxuriating in the ocean and looking at the white sugar sand of the beach….is special and could be singular in your life experience.

To have a government that cares about you…and all of its citizens…and to have elected representatives that will stand up for you and your rights…and will stand against the popular political and expedient rhetoric…is not regular normalcy…but as rare as the ‘gold of Ophir.’

Family vacations and the laughter and the fun and the sheer joy of each others company and mutual companionship….is more beautiful that a Picasso painting or a Rembrandt…or a Peter Max work of art!

I walked on our beloved university’s campus this morning.  It is family weekend.  I saw the mothers and the fathers and their precious children…as they explored our campus.

I sat and watched a talent show put on by our sororities and fraternities and marveled in their youthful exuberance and zest for life and their ability to simply find the fun and joy in everyday living!

When I witnessed the smiles on their faces and the inquisitiveness of their desire to know more about Southern Illinois University…I was encouraged and energized and revitalized by their passion for learning and their dedication to making our world…better.

Take nothing for granted!

Never…believe that happiness or good times or peace…is your birthright.

Work to make life for your fellow human beings…better.

Labor to assist the downtrodden…and those who have no voice.

When the abused…or the children or the elderly…say they have been abused or mistreated….believe them!

Money and possessions…are nice…but they do not last.

Position and power is satisfying…but it will evaporate…much as our glaciers are currently evaporating.

How we treat the members of our human family…is the only measure and the only yardstick and the only ruler and the only standard…that we will carry into the next life.

Money and power and fame and authority…is similar to the static that we received on our televisions in the 1960’s.  All it accomplishes is the obscuring of the clear picture of a wonderful life!




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