October is Knocking at Our Door

Having been born in October, a week before Halloween, may, partially, explain my love for the autumn season.

I recall anticipating the end of September, when I was in grade school, because I knew that my birthday signaled the beginning of the holiday season!

I have already received my 61st birthday present from Aaron and Jonathon.  It is a stereo record player!

The sound quality is amazing!

I now am the proud owner of two record players, one upstairs and one downstairs…and around 60 or 61 vinyl LPs to listen to.

My, former, stereo record player, that I received for my eighth grade graduation…got lost in the diaspora,  I had a large collection of vinyl records and had made a hobby out of obtaining one each month, from the Columbia Record Company, and listening to them on a regular basis.

When I moved from my parents home, the day after my high school graduation, and at the age of 17…they were lost…along with my comic book collection…in the family burning barrel.

Jonathon loaned me his Comic Con pass today in order for me to be able to peruse the wonderful collection of, vintage, comics and action figures and so much more.

Many of my fellow shoppers at Comic Con were dressed in the most interesting of costumes including; zombies and vampires and Freddy Kruger and Star Trek characters.

Jonathon bought me a Captain Kirk, vintage, action figure…and…now…I have ordered a Mr. Spock…on eBay!

I saw, vintage, comics of the original Star Trek that originally sold for 15 cents, being sold for $75 and $125…and I owned both of them as a child in the 1960s.

I was inspired by the Southern Illinois University Chancellor, Dr. Carlo Montemagno, as he spoke to our Presbyterian Mens Group last Tuesday evening.  This is a man that has taken on a Herculean task in endeavoring to stop the enrollment decline at our beloved university and increase it to over 18,000 students.

On top of this challenge…the chancellor was stricken with cancer and has been weathering that, tremendously, difficult health challenge.

He spoke to our little group the other night…and I wanted to tell him that he should be resting and recuperating.  Such dedication and courage and strength in the face of adversity…is inspiring!

My friend, Sarah, is almost done with her chemo.  I have been friends with the Sheffer’s for many years and Sarah worked in my office, at one time.  Her courage and strength is an example to us all!

The Sheffer family is the first family that I knew that went all out for Halloween.  They, actually, inspired me to have a renewed appreciation for the holiday.

Sarah’s chemo ends around the time of Halloween…and I know that there will be a celebration!

And, so, Thanksgiving and Christmas are in our sights…and it really is not so important who is a Republican and who is a Democrat.

It really is not so important as to…who is in and who is out.

It really is not so important as to who drives the new car and lives in a new house and who drives a used car…and rents.

It is important that everyone has enough to eat.

It is important the everyone has a roof over their head.

It is important that everyone has someone who cares about them.

It is important that our children are shown examples of love and care and inclusivity and not hate and disregard and prejudice.




12 responses

  1. Love the idea of going back to playing vinyl records; but I’m far too lazy. Smashing post – enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend. 🍁🍂

  2. One of the few things I don’t like about living in Singapore is the eternal summer. You make me miss the perfect autumn season of Turkey, weather not so hot, not so cold (Goldilocks would say just right 🙂 ), pumpkin pies and falling leaves in 101 shades of orange.

    1. Yes, autumn 🍂 is beautiful. 🌲🎃

  3. Happy birthday in advance in Oct BJ😊⚘

    1. Thank you, my friend. 😉

      1. My pleasure. Hope you will show us your birthday cake and beer😉

  4. Happy Birthday! I will be 60 in February. Being born in winter I usually stay home since New York has a tendency to have snowstorms every week. I have not seen a record player in years! I have a few albums that I took with me. Maybe some in storage but since I live in a very small space I’m trying to throw stuff out not get more. Many of my former co-workers attend Comic Con but even though I have the time I can’t afford the tickets. One day I’d like to take my brother Stephen who has Autism. I think that he would enjoy Comic Con. God willing maybe next year 2019. Imagine if I had kept all my comics from the 60s & 70s I’d be a rich woman.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Yes, record players were not manufactured for years, but now are experiencing a revival. I, now, have two of them, that I received for my birthday, this year and last.

      The Comic Con that I attended, was my first, and quite enjoyable. 😉🎃

  5. I like the ending here with its reminer of things that are important.

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌞

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