Sons and Restaurants and Friends and Memories

Yesterday was my, first born son’s, birthday.  

Aaron is now 37 years old..and that is a neat trick when I am only 50, LOL!

We traveled to St. Louis, Missouri and shopped and saw a movie, about Nazi Zombie Creatures…and I enjoyed every minute because I was with Aaron and Jonathon and Mary Jane!

We visited a new resturant that is located on, The Hill, in St. Louis called, 58Hundred.

The, adult beverages, were delicious, and the apptiezers were both, savory and plentiful, and the entrees were to, ‘die for!’

As we were siting at the, packed, restaurant…I was reminded, once again, that it is the, special, moments of life,  that make it unforgettable.  

We had, a delightful waiter, who made our experience…exceptional.  At the conclusion of our, nearly three hour feast, when he retrieved our payment for the, culinary delights, he inquired if we needed change, and we replied that we did not…or as he stated…’I have always believed that change comes from within.’

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There are moments…when all is right with the world…and they are meant to be savored and not hurried and remembered…long after they are completed.

We rush and hurry through each, waking hour, of our existence.  We worry regarding how we are progressing on the ladder of success, and how much money are we making.  

I recall a, Black Friday, visit to Cunettos House of Pasta, which is just a couple of blocks down from 58Hundred, a few Thanksgivings ago.  The restaurant was so full that I was standing, statuesque, in the cloak room…awaiting our drink order and my dirty martini.  After about 30 minutes I caught the, nice, waitress’s eye and inquired if our order had been lost…to which she replied that the bartender was a bit overwhelmed and that he had not forgotten our order.  Soon, the drinks came…and we had a memorable, Cunetto’s, meal.  

Cunettos holds  many memorable and pleasant memories for me as it has been our primary resturant for over 20 years.  

Cunettos is the resturant that we had dinner in, with Mary Jane’s brother , Ron, prior to our flying out for a trip to Jamaica.  Now I was anticipating our Jamica stay, as I had, just retired, at the end of December, 2010…and our Jamaica Vacation was in the second week of January, 2011.  

I, still, could not conceive that I had, indeed retired and was, ‘free as a bird on the wing!’  It was trerribly cold that evening…and we spoke of the fun that we were going to experience and I noted…the great pleasure that I had in seeing Mary Jane with her brother and our happiness in being together!

Although, we lived in Elkville, Illinois…we often traveled to the St. Clair Square area, in our younger days, and enjoyed a, brunch, at Casa Gallardo.  Not only did Casa produce a, memorable, brunch that was worthy of driving 80 miles for, but they had the most, unique and memorable, Cadillac Margarittas.  

One Christmas Eve, I annouced that I was going to travel, by myself, to the mall in St. Clair Square, near St. Louis, for the express purpose of purchasing, suprise Christmas gifts for Mary Jane and Aaron and Jonathon. I, subsequently, did so…and I spent a lot of money.  There was no one to tell me….no…and it was a Christmas Miracle!

For many years we travled to St. Louis to attend the animated Christmas Bears Display at the Famous Barr headquarters…in the city.  The animitroninc miracle took up most of the seventh floor of the, massive store, and it was, throughghly, enjoyed by Aaron and Jonathon and me!

Mary Jane’s mom, Fernie, often attended the event with us.  I think that she enjoyed it as much as the boys.

We made a St. Louis Safari with our friends, Jo Ann and Peter, in the early portion of the last decade.  We stayed in the Hilton Hotel that is next to Plaza Frontenac and had dinner at our, then, favorite resturant on Hill, Leonardos.  We were celebrating Jo Ann’s and Mary Jane’s birthdays…which fell, just, a few days apart in February.  Jo Ann, wept, and stated that there was no place that she would rather be than with us on her birthday…and we had Aso Bucco…and, wonderful beverages.  We spoke of the future and our hopes and dreams and the sadness of what had happened to, Jo Ann, at our University, SIU.

Our waitress, was so nice to us, although she had not been assigned to us that night…that I tipped her $20…out of respect for her consideration of us.

We had a champagne breakfast, at the Hilton, the next morning…but I had to drink all of the champagne.

Life is, chock, full of; wonder and mystery and mysticism ands sparks of joy…that occur, seemingly randomly, and, lifetime,  memorable moments…that you do not realize are happening…until you look back on them!

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  1. Best birthday wishes🎂 and blessings for your son. Lucky you, retired at 50!! Enjoy and thanks for sharing great memories and making new ones👍😃Garfield hugs!

    1. Many thanks, my friend! 😊

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