Happiness is…Truly…A Warm Puppy!

We purchased our first Boston Terriier puppy in 1990.  I had dreamed of owning an English Bulldog…but my supervisor, at the time, talked me out of it when he noted the Bulldogs’s, inherint health problems, and their…drooling!

He went on to tell me of the Boston Terrier breed and that they had the, bulldog face, but not the health problems or the…drooling.

Bruiser was born in Benton, Illinois…and he had trouble fullfilling his, macho, name.

After Bruiser came, Abigail, and she was purchased at a Pet Store in the mall at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  She joined our family on the day that George H.W. Bush declared war on Iraq.  

Now, Abigail, was a tough girl from Missouri!  When she arrived at her new, Illinois home, she, immeadetly scratched Bruiser’s nose…and produced blood.  She bloodied his nose!

Bruiser, forgave her and they produced a family of Boston Pups…and we sold;  one to a, apparent, Mafia Don, and gave others away, and kept one called Rolly Bud.

Rolly Bud was larger than his father…and his dad was afraid of him…so after a year with us…we gave Rolly away.

We had a six foot privacy fence, for our back yard, in Elkville.  Abigail could jump over it!

When we moved to Carbondale in 2001, Bruiser and Abigail came with us.  

Bruiser passed away from an enlarged heart…and Abigail kept on living.

In 2004, a Boston Pup mamed Brody, came to live with us…and he bit Grandma Abigail’s legs…and she snapped at  him…but could not see him well;  due to her advanced age.

Now Brody is almost 15 years old.  He still enjoys opening the houshold trash cans and pulling the refuse out of the cans and spreading out on to the floor.

He has alwasy enjoyed jumpoing on to our bed and snuggling with his mom.  So, when he became to old to, consistently accomplish the jump on to the king size bed…we purchased him a set of doggy steps.  Brody does not like the doggy steps and refuses to use them…so when he jumps for the, soft landing, of the bed…and misses…he blames us!

Now, Wallace T., came to us by a unique set of circumstances surrounding an eye problem that Mary Jane was having.  We were travellling to an eye surgeon, in the Fairview Heights area, and had some significant concern regarding a, possible, detached retina.  When it turned out that all was well…we knew a celebration was in order.  We chose to celebrate at a resturant called, Lottawatta Creek, and they had Long Island Ice Teas…on special!

Jonathon and I…each had one, along with another drink, while Mary Jane had two…and felt no pain!

Afterward, we decided to go the the Fairview Heights Mall…to facilitate our sobering up…a bit…before making the drive home to Carbondale.  

Mary Jane, announced, joyfully, ‘why don’t we go into the Pet Store to see if there are any doggy Christmas gifts that we can purchase for Brody?’

When I inquired as to whether or not they had any Boston Terrier Pups for sale…they answered that they did and that they had two.  One was the traditonal black and white whild the other was, seal colored, and rare.

I proclaimed that I wanted to see the, seal colored one, ….and out came Wallace T.!

Wallace, was brown and white…with a, significalntly skrunched up face, even for a Boston.  He had the sniffles and a, concerning, cough, and he was adorable!  We placed, half of his purchase price of $700.00 down on him, on the spot, and returned to retrieve him in a few days…after the Pet Store’s Vet had given him a clean bill of health.

So, when we retrieved Wallace T. and brought him home and took him to our Veterinarian…we discovered that he was on the verge of Pneumonia and that he must not be taken outdide, in the bitter cold December weather, and we did not mention that the two days before we took him to the doctor…that we had been taking him outside to to do his business.

We were in PetCo in Carbondale…during the holiday season…and they had rescue dogs that needed to be adopted.  I saw a, beautiful Collie dog, that, seemed to have my name written on it.  I spoke to the Collie…on several occassions during the, magical time, that is between Thansgiving and Christmas…and Mary Jane went to St. Francis Resucue Center and did not find the, Coly, but did find a, black labrador, that had been thrown out of a moving vechcle and had her jaw, subsequently, broken, and had surgery and three teeth removed…and was…simply…and little black ball of fur with sharp…little teeth and a, pronouced bark!

Parker is the possesor of the most health problems that we have encountered in our 30 years of pets.  She has, severe allergies, and must receive injections, monthly, for the alleviation of the allergic symptoms.  

Between her first and second year of life, I believed that she was dieing one morning at about 3:00 A:M:…and I awakened Mary Jane to say goodby to her before her passing.  

We telephoned an emergency Veternarian number for Parker…and were ready to drive her the, 60 miles to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to have her seen by a professional…when she…suddenly became quiet and docile…and went to sleep.

Parker is a large dog…that thinks she is a Boston Terrier!

Wallace T., named after the Long Island Iced Tea, that facilitated his purchase, stands on my chest, when I am napping…to communicate to me that he wants to go outside to do his business.

Our, three dog family, understands when we are not feeling well, and they empathize with us…when we are sad.  They also rejoice with us…when we are happy!

When I come home, after being away as little as an hour, Wallac and Brody and Parker, greet me as if I have been on a long journey and that they feared that I might never return!

Dogs love us…unconditinally!  

They, illustrate and model, the love that we should, strive for, for each other.

There is nothing more special or inspiring than a living creature that loves you…no matter your faults…no matter your flaws….blind to your mistakes and foibles and shortcomings….unconditional…pure love!

Our Puppies illustrate to us…how God loves us!

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