I read, the other day, that we are all terminal…we just do not realize it!

Another year has begun, and the, predominate idea in my mind is, do not sweat the small stuff!

I believe that if someone gave you a million dollars on January the 1st…you would be ecstatic with the joy of what you could accomplish in 2019!

The gift of life, has value that can not be measured.  We have before us a year to make those we meet, feel loved and cared for and an important part of the world!

My, good friend, mentioned to me that she was so impressed with openness and friendliness of, SIU, chancellor John Dunn.

I reflected on what she told me and considered that the most successful university leaders that I have met…had the ability to project to me that I was important to them and to the success of SIUC.

It seems that we have substituted being, busy, for living a meaningful life?

We just left the, maximum overdrive, holiday of the year; Christmas!  There are parties to attend and gifts to purchase and decorations to place…and then to take down…and there is a hollowness at the back of our eyes…in our exhaustion…as we return to, regular order, and wonder where the spirit of Christmas hid…this year?

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So much of the human family are lonely.  We look, desperately, for another person to connect with…a friend…a fellow human being who cares enough about us to…listen…without advice or judgment.

It has been said that, ‘happiness is a warm puppy!’  Indeed, we love our dogs because of their, unfailing, dedication and love for us…often when we are unlovable!

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For many years, I shopped at Famous and Barr department store..both in St. Louis and, later, in Carbondale.  Many of the attendants in the store, knew me by name and welcomed me each time that I walked through the store.  Famous may have been more expensive, at times, but I felt like that it was my store…and I was comfortable there…and I shopped there often.

The author, Robert A. Caro, wrote a, little book entitled, On Power, regarding what he had learned regarding how power is obtained and how it is used…often for good.

Mr. Caro noted that, former president Lyndon Johnson, was referred to as the person who brought the light to Johnston City, Texas…during his time as a United States Congressman.

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Johnson was able to bring electricity to his home town, of slightly over 300 residents, of Johnston City by ingratiating himself to president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who liked Johnson, and subsequently ordered the fiscally irresponsible order of running electrical lines through the many miles of Texas hill country, to Johnston City.

Now, after the ‘light’ came to Johnston City…his fellow, hometown residents, loved him!

I wonder if we could bring some, ‘light’, to our neighbors who are; depressed, or sick, or who have lost a loved one, or who have had a life reversal?

I have been to several countries and continents…yet I remember the people that I interacted with…much more than the beautiful architecture and landscape.

adult alone black and white blur

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Many people that commit suicide…would have not done so…if there had been someone to listen and care!



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