Living on the Margins

Have you ever found yourself waiting on pay day?

Along with waiting on pay day; you notice that the cub-bard is bare and the car needs gas and an oil change…and the rent/mortgage is due!

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Most of us plan a budget to successfully navigate the financial pitfalls that come our way.  Often there is not enough money for the month!

How must the 800,000 federal employees feel… that are currently, either on furlough or working without pay, due to the over two week, partial, government shutdown?

TSA staff are calling in sick, in mass, in several large airports…for a variety of reasons.  Many are seeking, cash jobs, on the side, to put food on the table.

TSA are the folks that keep us safe in airports!  Our president would have us in a panic regarding our southern border…while he fails to pay the, federal professionals, that are commissioned in the profound profession of ensuring that terrorist do not board our airlines…which is where it all began on 9/11!

The president, said today, that he was willing to keep the government shut-down for months or a year…if necessary!

Perhaps we are failing to ‘see the forest for the trees?’

When I was still working at the university, a chancellor announced that she was going to furlough, faculty and staff, for seven days during the fiscal year.  This was to protect, junior, employees in all positions from either being laid off or dismissed.

Now, the university had, real and significant, financial challenges..and I supported the furloughs…but a statement that she made, illustrated to me that she had little understanding or empathy for the civil service staff that would be furloughed, the bulk of which being scheduled for the Christmas Season, when she made the statement that she had done the same money saving measure at a previous university; that she had served as provost at…and, ‘that no one died, because of the furlough.’

I served on the chancellor’s planning and budget committee, that she chaired, and felt, compelled, to remind the, esteemed group, that many civil service staff lived on the margins and that some qualified for food stamps and that they would have difficulty purchasing food and or heat for their homes…and that, certainly, there would be little or no Christmas for their children and grandchildren!

After I made, my statement of truth to power, you could have heard a pin drop!  The chancellor stared at me with an icy glare…for upwards of a minute…before continuing!

Executive decisions have real life consequences for regular people!

‘If you earn 32 thousand, after tax a year you are inside the global 1% in terms of income.’    Quora

It is a myth that there are, so many people making fabulous money!

Vice President Pence and several top government officials are scheduled to receive $10,000.00 pay raises next week.


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