Read Your Life Away

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A new year has arrived. With all new Januarys I set my reading goal for the year on my goodreads page. In 2019 I am aspiring to read 30 books. I’m a fortunate fellow with a home full of books because of my father’s love of them along with my love as well. In 2018 my book goal was 30 and I finished at 41.

What is it I like to read? Honestly, I’m a fan of all sorts of different stories. Young adult literature is some of the finest writing I’ve discovered. These stories tackle the tough stuff of growing up. I enjoy inspirational books from theology to overcoming mental health issues. I like graphic novels. A good kids book can make me smile and lighten my heart. Love stories that end happily ever after give me hope. What I enjoy reading is as eclectic as life itself.


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