Talking Dogs

‘I really do not know what we are waiting on,’ said Bruiser?

black short coated puppy lying on gray textile

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‘We are waiting on our humans,’ replied Abigail.



‘I looked for them…a lot…when we first came here, but they never appeared, Bruiser said, with his bottom lip protruding.

‘Wallace has asked about, his mommy, every day that he has been here,’ Abigail said.

‘I know that he is anxious to see his, and our, mommy, but………ball….fetch…run….., Bruiser became distracted!



‘I liked it when mommy scratched my ears,’ Parker chimed in!

‘Parker…you are not a Boston Terrier…and you never will be,’ said Brody, angrily!

‘Grrrr, replied Parker!

‘We adopted Parker into the Boston Terrier family, many years ago,’ Wallace said.

‘Yes…but she bit my legs…and other parts…when I was old and could not defend myself, ‘ remarked Brody!

Mary Jane and Jay could not help but notice the beauty of their surroundings.  They were perplexed as to what had happened and, considered, that they might be having a dream…but how were they so, seemingly awake?

‘Hello’…..said a sloth…hanging from a elm tree.

‘Greetings, Mr. Sloth,’ Jay responded.

‘I saw Rolly Bud, earlier today, and he was with Sassy,’ the Sloth slowly and carefully responded.

Mary Jane asked me, where we could possibly be…as she did not recall, sloths speaking, and Rolly Bud, a Boston Terrier, and Sassy, a mutt, had passed away….years ago!

I remembered when my stepfather had passed away, Earl, and we had been driving to the hospital in Evansville, Indiana in the attempt to see him before he died.  As I looked over at Mary Jane…she kept uttering the name, Sassy, and and I thought how peculiar as we were attempting to arrive before he left…and she was obsessing about his dog?

When I asked her what she was thinking about, Sassy, she responded that, Earl, had made her promise that she would take, Sassy, in if he died.

Mary Jane understood that the time for Sassy’s adoption had arrived!

Suddenly, Wallace jumped into his mom”s lap!

‘Hi mom,’ Wallace said, ‘where have you been…I have missed you?

‘I was the first…in case you do not remember,’ said Bruiser.

‘Yes, but I came shortly after you and on the day of the beginning of the Gulf War…and I am from Missouri,’ Abigail retorted!

Suddenly a ball was dropped in Mary Jane’s lap…and Brody smiled at her, broadly!

‘I think that it is time for a little fetch…don’t you,’ Brody asked?

When Mary Jane threw the ball…Brody was off like a rocket…and he returned it to his mommy…in record time!

‘I know how to play fetch, as well as anyone, but I prefer to engage in more mature behavior…like belly rubs…said Parker,’ as she became engulfed in the nirvana of a, through belly rub…by dad!

‘Do you think that my hips are to big,’ said Elsa the elephant?

‘No, I think that they fit you perfectly,’ replied Jerry the Giraffe.

‘Where are you going,’ asked Pepie…the skunk?

‘Well, we are new here…and we, really, do not understand where we are…as the last memory we have…we were driving to St. Louis to eat at our favorite restaurant, Cunetto’s’ House of Pasta,’ Jay replied.

‘Many refer to me as Pepie Le Pew…have you seen any of my cartoons,’ asked Pepie?

‘Why yes I have,’  said M.J., but I thought that you were a fictional character?

‘Oh no, mon cherie, I am, quite real,’  and may I say that you have beautiful eyes, Pepie responded.

‘You must hurry, the meeting is about to begin…and Peter does not like to be kept waiting,’ Brody implored!

‘Oh he has a lot of titles…today he is the chief pest and bottle washer…and…really a good guy…if you can get past his demanding nature,’ said Abigail.

‘I remember walking with mommy…and the smells…and the wind blowing in my face…and birds that were just above us in the trees…and how I wanted to meet them,’ said Bruiser.

‘I remember how mommy would scratch my, itching, ears…and I am so happy that they do not itch any longer,’ Parker reminisced.

‘You are almost there,’ a cardinal chirped!

‘Do you remember me,’ inquired the beaver, ‘I lived in your pond and I traveled all over the neighborhood…when I was not building dams.’

‘We loved your’  yard…and we spent many nights enjoying it’s peaceful solitude and your kind welcome,’ announced a herd of deer!

‘Let’s go into the meeting…you are going to like it here,’ said Parker, as she nuzzled us.

‘But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.’    I Corinthians 2:9    KJV








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