Believing The Unbelievable!

I was watching a film on Netflix, last night, that was covering a group of people called the, Flat Earth Society.  The documentary is, ‘Behind The Curve.’

The program discussed the rationale that enables people to seek, examples, that support their conspiracy theories.

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We hear…what we want to hear!

One of the, primary, leaders of the Flat Earth Society believes that the Earth is a giant dome covered terrarium…and that the sun and moon and the stars and planets are a type of display on the dome.

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It is possible to become educated…and it is possible to be mis-educated!

One of the proofs that the Earth is flat, to a leader in the movement, was that he could see Seattle, Washington on the horizon, although his home was a significant distance from Seattle…and his contention that Seattle would be hidden by the curvature of the Earth…if the Earth was round?

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Science is merely a means of thinking about a problem or question that requires a solution.

However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that each of us use our, own, thought patterns, and life experiences, and bias and prejudice…to come to a, plausible conclusion, as to what the facts, mean, that are available, to us,…are pointing to.

I have never believed the one shooter theory regarding the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy.


Now, I have read books regarding, alternate assassination theories…and I watched the movie, JFK, and I see every documentary that comes out regarding the subject.


When I see shows or read books that support the Warren Commission’s report or the single shooter theory…I am left cold!


When I watch, JFK, or read about the multiple shooter conspiracy theories or the theory that, vice president Lyndon Johnson something to do with the cutting down of our, young, leader…or the, hypothesis, the Mafia had the hit done…I am enthralled!


There are may similarities in our political divide… as to the immersion in alternate facts and realities…or ‘other truths!’

We have become a nation that has, deified, our political parties!

We have gone from the separation of church and state…to believing that the church is the state…and through the commingling of our secular government and our faith communities…we have become, engulfed, in a thick fog of truth that is the conclusion of our, obfuscation, of the plain christian doctrine that Christ preached,  and has been replaced with the, hybrid, belief system that has grown out of mixture of ‘iron and clay’ …as the feet of the statue in Daniel 2:41 43   KJV

We all seek answers that coalesce with our life experiences.

If our life has been, stable and secure and loving…we tend to accept widely accepted, scientific, truths.

If our life has been difficult and shaky and frightening…we tend to accept truths that verify our dismal and suffering experiences.

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There is a theory in Quantum Physics that states that all physical objects that we see and touch and encounter, on a daily basis, are but a group of molecules and atoms that our mind assigns meaning to?

Perhaps that is how we have so many…truths?

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  1. Theory is the-ory and history is his-story.

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