Peace In A Storm

To be human is to walk in the fog of uncertainty!

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No matter how rich or how poor that we are…nothing is promised…nothing is certain…and everything is temporary.

When we are enjoying a fine dinner, as we will be doing tomorrow night in commemoration of Mary Jane’s birthday, I often think that I want to; tie a bow around the experience or take a lot of photos…because challenges and sorrow and grief await us…down a road…that we do not know the length of or the rockiness of the terrain.

When we were both enjoying the height of our careers, my friend, Bill and I, agreed that the proper way to view a management position and success…was to hold both with a loose grasp!

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Life is a bit of a maelstrom…and when we refuse to accept this irrefutable fact of our existence…we become depressed and sorrowful for our losses and we believe that no one could be experiencing what we are.

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Life is so beautiful and breath taking!

The feel of you wife/husband’s hand in yours when you are married.  The mystery and excitement of beginning a life together!  The, conviction, that you are prepared for any challenge and are prepared to jump every hurdle.

Looking into your new baby”s eyes…and their looking back at you…with their eyes full of the excitement of…suddenly…being thrust into a world that they have no knowledge of!

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The, gradual, realization that God placed you with someone because you both need each other.

The realization that there is a reason that we are here!

The revelation…that this life is only the beginning…it is the, foyer,…and we have not, yet, entered the house that the Creator has for us!

‘For his anger endureth but a moment, in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.’    Psalm 30:5   KJV

Every now and then…once in awhile…we get a glimpse of the, majestic, beauty of life’s continuance…after death.

‘For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then, shall I know even as also I am known.’    I Corinthians 13:12   KJV

Our head spins from the rapidity of life!

First we are young and our days of childhood and being a teenager…seem to go on forever!

I have been a member of a church, somewhere, since I was twelve years old…and I was a member of the, young people, of the congregation.

My highest aspiration was to become a minister…of which I never did.

I thought that my thirties were great!  I was neither young nor old!

I wanted to be able to purchase a larger home for my family and for us to be financially secure.

I wanted my wife and my sons to be happy and to have no worries.

I, turned around, and I was in my forties…and my mom, who suffered with Alzheimers’ disease, lived with us, and Mary Jane quit her job with the university to take care of mom…and Aaron and Jonathon were in college and were  so good to help with grandma…

And, then, I opened my eyes…and Building Services was having a fiftieth birthday party for me…compete with black balloons and black icing on the cake!

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Mom died in 2013…and I wept!

Illness has struck our family…on more than one occasion…and I wept…and I wept tears of joy when the diagnosis was able to be ameliorated with either medication or surgery.

When we loose loved ones…our hearts bleed…and there is no way to soften the grief…but we will see them again!

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  1. Love your honest share of your think thoughts. Admirable indeed!

    1. Thank you, my friend! 😃

      1. My pleasure to read your posts as always!

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