IMG_5425Yesterday, dear Marcy and Brock visited us!

We had originally planned to get together in October and then in December…but illness prevented our reunion!

Each opportunity that I have to visit with the Tennessee Brooks…I realize what wonderful and sweet people that they are!

IMG_3817 2I am the oldest of our father’s lineage and Brock is the youngest.  We first met in August of 2016 at the Marriott Airport Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  Brock and Marcy, graciously, drove over  an hour to meet us for lunch…upon our return from our visit to the United Kingdom.

IMG_3824 3We enjoyed dinner at Walker’s Bluff, The Tasting Room, that is located about three miles from our home.

The Tasting Room is a quality restaurant and a relaxing venue to to enjoy drinks and a leisurely dinner…with a, wonderful musician to serenade our familial bonds!

The musician was, Leight July, and her singing and guitar playing was virtuosos!

IMG_3826 2When I am with Brock and Marcy…I feel like that I am home!

They have the most lovely children, Jeb and Jaime…and I loved them from the moment that I met them!

As we were talking with our family…this morning, over some of Mary Jane’s, famous, coffee cake and Hardee’s biscuits…I reflected on how fortunate that we are to have been united with such wonderful and caring people!

IMG_3839 2When you become older, as I have, you realizes that miracles do not happen…every day.  But, a miracle happened to bring these, precious, people, into my life!

IMG_3838 2I think that I was a, rather, lonely child…once we moved to Eldorado, Illinois from our, seemingly idyllic, home in Sauk Village, a suburb of Chicago.

I often wished that I had a brother or a sister…and that I had someone to bounce ideas off of or to discuss the many concerns that I had, as a youngster…from a broken home.

Since 2012 I have known that I have 6 siblings….that I have communicated with…but only two that I have met….


Jonathon, introduced us to his, Story Cube, game.  This is a game with nine dice with pictures on each side of the individual die.  One person roles the dice and then each player in turn, draws a die and creates a portion of the story that the group, ties and subsequently, constructs…together!

Truly…the story of the Illinois Brooks and the Tennessee Brooks…is being constructed in expert fashion!

I can not wait to read the next chapter!

IMG_3819 2


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