Observing Anger…Twice In One Day!

Today, Mary Jane and I made our monthly trek to our local Wal-Mart Super Center.

The store is so large that it served as my daily walk!

As we made our way, slowly and aisle by aisle, I began hearing a gentleman screaming at other member of his party.  The, angry man, noted that, ‘now he was pissed’, while his; family or friends, or colleagues…attempted to display that they were not with the loudmouth.

Have you ever witnessed someone who was so angry that they appeared to be transported to another world…and the rest of us were not a part of their reality?

We then drove, northward, to our favorite, locally owned market, Arnold’s, and again we were aurally assaulted with the, extreme, raising of voices, coming from a home that was adjacent to the market.

The venomous comments that were wafting from the home, was a duet, of a man and a woman who appeared to be equally, extremely mad at each other!

Anger is a legitimate human emotion and all of us experience it, from time to time.  However, it can, also, be a dangerous emotion when those who are experiencing it to the extent that they have lost perspective regarding their surroundings.

As I was entering our Kroger Supermarket, about a year ago, I was greeted by someone who was screaming so loudly, at a cashier, that it was deafening!  The, apoplectic, individual was announcing, over and over, that, ‘they were a human being!’

Our world is cranked up and turned over!  People are undergoing stressors that I did not witness in my youth or middle years.

There is a disconnect in the United States that, one day, will explode!

As I watched, former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort receive a fraction of the prison sentence that was suggested for his, white collar, crimes, I was not shocked.

It is not unusual for an African American person to receive, many more years, than Mr. Manafort received, for possession of marijuana!

It has been suggested that Mr. Manafort has been treated like a terrorist for being kept in solitary protective custody while awaiting his trial.

Where is a similar outcry for people of color or poor white people…when they do, heinous time, before their trial and then are sentenced to, exorbitant sentences for much less the crimes, that Mr. Manafort pleaded guilty to?

When our society becomes a cadre of oligarchs and the rest of us struggle to make ends meet…something has to break!

‘General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra had total compensation in 2017 of $21.96 million.’     Google

‘Average General Motors pay ranges from $12.24 per hour for Customer Service Representative $42.00 per hour for Performance Engineer.’     Google

‘The top 10% of families–those who had at least $942.00–held 76% of total wealth.’    Google

So we, firmly, believe in the vision of the American dream!  We are satisfied that if you work hard and apply yourself…you will succeed in America!

But for many Americans…the dream…has become a nightmare!

Opportunity is wonderful and great and, ‘apples of gold in pictures of silver,’    Proverbs 25:11    KJV

But…first…someone has to open the door of opportunity for you!

We upper middle class, folks, and the rich…tend to judge the success of the middle class and the poor by our comfortable surroundings!

We know that opportunities were, readily, available to us…and in our, white privilege, we accessed our role in society…and had, ample, assistance by our mentors and friends to secure success!

I, vividly, recall when the Vice Chancellor for Diversity,  a respected professor and a former SIU athletic star, and a name that is revered by our university…was stopped on campus by the police and had to present his identification and prove that he had the right to drive a nice automobile…while being black!

The template that we apply to the poor and the working class and, even, the middle class of our society…is not working for the majority of our society!




2 responses

  1. They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. Well thats what George Carlin believed and I’m with him on this one. This excerpt reminded me of every day in my world, people are baffling. Nothing has intrigued me in life more than the actions of a human being. Parasites, a virus with shoes. I try to make an honest living but people make it difficult, its scary out there. Always with the longwinded pleasantries that sound more like excuses than anything else. I lack the empathy required to survive out there, whats your secret?

    1. I was a negative child, after my parents’ divorce and my mom’s depression. I decided that I was happier finding the good in life…rather than my, comfortable, negativity.

      The Christian faith has helped me immensely! Not in a, showy, manner…but in a, quiet, assurance in the, basic, good in the human family.

      The diverse, university, community that I became a member of when I was 20 years old…has formed a positive life experience for me, that has become a cornerstone.

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