Unrealized Ability…An Asset?

So often, we pigeonhole people into artificial constructs that we quickly assign to them…as an easy method of understanding our surroundings.

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Former president, Barrack Obama, was the African American state senator, with the funny name, that was running in the democratic primary in Illinois, to be chosen as the candidate for the United States Senate.

President Donald Trump…was written off as a clown or a, bad, joke…when he began running for the presidency of the United States, in 2016, and it was commonly believed that he would fall, by the wayside, very quickly!

Dr. Billy Graham was an itinerant  preacher from North Carolina…that preached to millions for people, around the world, and served as an advisor to several presidents !

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I began my career at Southern Illinois University as a janitor.  My, official, title was Building Service Worker I….and i was proud of it!

As the years progressed, I had the opportunity to speak with both chancellors and presidents of the university…and my message to them never wavered…that there was, hidden talent in the civil service ranks…and that the leaders need to avail themselves of this, wealth, of ability, that was at the fingertips!

On more than one occasion chancellor Wendler referred to me as his janitor…and I was honored!  I had a great relationship with Dr. Wendler and through that bond…much was accomplished for civil service staff.


Chancellor Wendler would speak to me, in an unvarnished manner, and I would do the same with him, but I, instinctively, understood that he had a compassionate heart!

The chancellor was a man of faith and he had worked as a carpenter.

The chancellor was a fundamentalist christian…but then again…I had been proud to be a member of that group…at one time

After chancellor Wendler…I worked with interim chancellor, John Dunn, throughout the time that he led the campus.  What a nice and considerate leader, chancellor Dunn was!

Chancellor John Dunn is a breathe of fresh air at SIUC! He is from Pickneyville, Illinois and he is great leader of SIUC!  Why search for another….when you have the leader that can turn the great ship of SIUC….around?

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‘John M. Dunn was the eighth present of Western Michigan University.  Dunn earned his bachelor and master’s degree from Northern Illinois University, and he earned an Ed.D. physical education from Brigham Young University.  He began his career in higher education at the University of Connecticut in 1972.’    Wikipedia

I pleaded with the, then president of Southern Illinois University, to make, interim chancellor Dunn, the permanent chancellor of SIUC…when he replaced chancellor Wendler…in the last decade!

The chancellor’s executive assistant, and my friend, Susan, told me the she had discovered the secret of my success in dealing with university administrators.  She said that I appeared, initially, to be of little ability or understanding…but that I seemed to obtain the goal that I was seeking?

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I remarked that, perhaps, she understood my entire secret?

So often it seems that the disagreements or problems of our society…can be summed up as a conflict between the…red and blue team….when in reality….we are all on the same team….but we do not realize it!

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has been following the academic template of conducting national searches for vacant chancellor and president position…for many years…as our enrollment has, subsequently, diminished…by thousands of students…annually!

A smart  move was to bring Dr. John M. Dunn back to SIUC!

Dr. Dunn has a heart for our university and a, magnificent, understanding of the Southern Illinois region!

Already, positive movements of momentum are turning the academic ship of SIUC around!

Do we, really, require a earth shattering academic plans of restructuring and shake-up…or do we, desperately, need a steady hand on the steering wheel of the educational and economic…ship of state…for Southern Illinois?

How many times must we face the, leadership needs of SIUC, armed with the formula that is contained in the academic model….that is so irrelevant to our needs?

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