Spring Transformation @ Southern Illinois University…And Wallace Too!

It had bee a few days since I had taken the opportunity to walk the campus of SIUC.

I was amazed at the Spring transformation that had occurred!

IMG_4112 2

The renewal and rebirth of life is, continually, something to behold!

IMG_4115 2

I was reading some wonderful writings from my, lifelong friend, Jeff..and I was transported back to the days that he and I were teenagers…with our life before us!


I marveled at how rapidly the past 45+ years have gone by.

We humans see history from our limited time on the planet.  What seems long to us is no more than a passing shadow to the universe…and a cool breeze to God!

IMG_4118 2We took Mr. Wallace back to the Veterinarian today!  He had eight teeth removed two weeks ago tomorrow!

IMG_3933 2IMG_3938 2Wallace is setting on him mommies lap.  Wallace loves him mommy!IMG_3939 2After Wallace’s, multiple, tooth extraction…he was able to indulge in special, soft, food!

IMG_3945 2He seemed to warm-up to his new diet…quickly!


All of us want to leave our mark!

We hope to be, fondly, remembered…once we leave this mortal life!

I think that there is no more certain assurance that we will be remembered than to help our fellow human beings who travel on the road of life with us!


As I think of my, United Kingdom friend, Jeff Lestz, and all that he has done to assist and make easier the lives of his; friends and colleagues and strangers that he meets…I am proud that I have known him, from early in his journey!

IMG_4133 2

Each of us are born into circumstances that we neither asked for or chose.  A happy and successful life it the navigating of those circumstances in order to produce a satisfying existence.

IMG_4114 3Spring reminds me that life is continuous!  What seems to wither and die, in the fall and winter…comes back in all of its glory in the spring!

IMG_4132What a, magical, mystical, mystery, life is!

Have you ever experienced Deja vu?  Perhaps there is a reason?


Wallace knows when someone is good to him…and he appreciates the love…and the perks!

IMG_3935 2SIUC is not on the down hill of its history or the diminishment of its outreach!

Oh no!  Southern Illinois University is poised to experience a renaissance!

It is spring…and life has been renewed!

IMG_4129 2


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  1. ✨💫✨💫✨💫✨

  2. Nice expressions of appreciation and love.

    1. Thank you, my friend! 😃

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