People Do Care About You!

Have you ever felt alone?

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Has it ever seemed to you that no one seemed to understand what you are going through and that no one cared?

Of, if you friends and family and acquaintances did address your concerns…they did it with, their, religious dogma, or their…pull yourself up by your bootstraps, philosophy?

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When someone is hurting, we want to present them with a neatly wrapped gift box of solutions for their problems!

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We offer, what we think is, constructive criticism; or tough love!

Some respond to this type of, hard, care…but many are devastated by it!

We are looking for a friend…who cares…and will take the time to listen to our concerns.  Studies have shown that the best friends are the best listeners.  Many times a person will be referred to as wise…when all they did was be empathetic for their friend.

So many people care…but often do not voice their love or demonstrate it due to not wanting to be intrusive.  So many of us seek a simple invitation to be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on…and a friend to call in the darkness of the night.

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I have been a member of the community of faith for the majority of my life.  I pray for my friends, often.  I weep when my friends suffer loss and I rejoice when they rejoice!

Strict religious dogma does not, adequately, cover the vagaries of the human condition.

If you have a mental illness or a disorder…prayers for the alleviation of evil spirits…will not solve the problem!


If someone tells you that they have the gift of healing…they should pray for you in private…and when you are healed…the glory should be the, healer’s, God!

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All of us have challenges and all of us have, extremely, dark days.


I am available to speak with anyone at anytime and my email is;

All to often, people live and die, at times by suicide, without knowing how many of their friends have wept and longed to help them…if they only felt an invitation.

Our world is not a neat and clearly delineated script from birth to death.  All along the, rocky and hilly and dangerous, path of life are pitfalls and Grand Canyons that we can fall into!


We need a sherpa…we need a guide…we need someone to listen and hold our hand and care about us!

In our modern technological society we live, most of our waking hours, in our head!

We seek a succor and a love and a compassion in alcohol and drugs


We feel that we do not fit in to the expectations that our parents have outlined for us.

We see that our faith expectation is not consistent with the faith community that we have been reared in.

At times, we see that our sexual orientation or our gender identification is, apparently different, than our peers.

We discover that God created a diverse human family!


The pain that we feel can be ameliorated by expressing it to another human that cares about us.

The movie, ‘Its a Wonderful Life,’ with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed…illustrated the impact and value that each of our lives have on so many that are connected to us!

You really do not know how may people love and care about you!

Never feel alone!

Never feel that no one cares!

Always reach out to others!

You do not realize how valuable that you are!



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