Assembly Required!

We purchased a new bed for Parker, our Black Labrador!

IMG_4177 3

She needed it!  Her, former bed, had a big hole in the middle of it and her foot kept falling through the, massive hole!

Parker’s bed…had lasted for years!

Finally, what seemed like a simply procedure, I had accomplished it before, twice, turned into a two and one half hour ordeal!

IMG_4182 2

I read the instructions and re-read the instructions and then I knew that I needed assistance!  Sadly, I am not known as a, calm, follower of instructions.

Mary Jane helped me, for five minutes, and then announced that I should wait to put the bed together…when the boys could help me!

She understands my weakness!

Two and one half hours later…I had completed the project.

Parker will be sleeping on a new bed…and I will be grateful that I only have to put together her bed…every several years!

IMG_4169I wonder if the, assembly directions, are just difficult for e to understand…or are they, universally, hard?

Parker, slept on her torn and ragged, blue, bed…when she had to…but she did not enjoy the experience!  She often scratched, vehemently, at the, blue, canvas bottom of the bed!  But, at other times she seemed to sleep comfortably and soundly…the sleep of a, righteous, Lab!

IMG_4173 2

Though, Parker does not like the bed, as it is in her kennel, she is resigned to the fact that she must spend some time in it’s confines to ensure her continued membership of the Brooks’ household!

Mom and Dad leave from time to time…and they count on the security of the kennel and the enclosed bed…to serve as safety from the mischief of the canine family!

3 responses

  1. It is so nice of you to care for your pets and get them a nice bed although I know the need to keep them in their place. I can see the love you have for this big dog! Nice!

    1. Thank you, my friend! She is a good dog 🐕.

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