Spring Renewal!

IMG_4328 2I may feel, oh so bad and listless, in the winter…but once spring has sprung…I experience renewal!

IMG_4352 2The dark and forbidding days are passed and the blooming of the red bud and the dog wood trees brings a surety that we can do anything that we put our minds to!

IMG_4372 2Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale is noted for it’s natural beauty!  It is unparalleled in the state of Illinois!

IMG_4350 2Students from Chicago and northern Illinois, luxuriate in the unique natural splendor of the southern part of the state.

IMG_4346 2Former University President, Delyte Morris, had trees brought from all over the world and planted on our campus.

IMG_4361 2Often, students who come to study at SIUC…never leave!  The same can be said for former chancellors and presidents and professors…who understand that Southern Illinois is, simply, one of the most lovely places to live in the United States!

IMG_4375 2The Grounds Department, on our campus, is simply outstanding!  SIUC wins awards for it’s natural surroundings and it’s trees on a regular basis.

IMG_4392 2While the majority of Illinois is flat land…Southern Illinois is hilly due to the glaciers stopping in our section of the state.  Also, the look of our region is much different than the rest of the state.

IMG_4381 2I was commiserating with an old friend earlier today, and she mentioned how much she loved the blooming of the red bud trees and the dog woods.  I must agree that the  beauty of these trees is breathtaking!

IMG_4385 2There is a placid and peaceful atmosphere at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale that is compelling and seductive!  It has a siren call that resonates with all who come in contact with her.

IMG_4396 2IMG_4358 4The regeneration of spring give us hope for our future and our place in it.  I wonder how we would we feel if we only had a few years left of the mystery of spring?

Global warming will change our lives in irrevocable ways that we can not imagine!

One of the first miracles to go…will be the majesty of God’s time clock of natural order!


4 responses

  1. Absolutely stunning spring colours!

    1. The university is beautiful in the spring. It is fun to photograph there! 😉

  2. Great pictures. It feels like staying in there.

    1. Thank you, my friend! 🌞

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