Enchanting Italy!

Are Romeo and Juliet real?

‘The feuding Montague’s and Capulets are based on the real life Guelphs and Ghibellines of twelfth-fourteenth-century Verona.  There is a legend originated by Vicenza Luigi da Porto, of two star-crossed lovers from these families during the reign of Bartolomeo della Scala, but Romeo and Juliet, themselves, are not real.’    e notes

This was a question asked, in a meeting that I attended last evening, by a person who is preparing to visit Italy and during the visit, Juliet’s balcony, in Verona.

yellow sedan on road while people walking on sidewalk

Photo by Melissa Thomas on Pexels.com

In 2014 we had the pleasure of visiting Verona and Juliet’s balcony.  We also were cautioned to be aware that horse is a delicacy in Verona, by our hotel concierge, and that she had made the observation that horse was not readily received by Americans!



As we traversed the beautiful streets of the city, we noticed an upscale restaurant that had al fresco dining, and so we stopped by to have a closer look.  At the top of the dinner menu was, in bold type, DONKEY!  When I inquired of the water…he responded that, indeed it was not a typo but a speciality of the establishment.

The hotels in Europe are much smaller than in the United States.  Many have a small Bar, that the person who is working the front desk, also, serves the drinks.


On our first trip to Italy and our first morning in Rome, a young woman asked me if I wanted water, con-gas, with my breakfast.  After I asked her to repeat her question, a couple of times, I replied that I would take my water in a glass or a cup or whatever was convenient for her.  Her perplexed look was priceless…as she was asking me if I wanted carbonated water?

While we were in Verona, our friend Margo, told us to order the hot chocolate, and that it was a special recipe!  We proceeded to order some hot chocolate and the lady waiting on us asked us if we understood that our drink would not be like what we were used to in the United States?  We replied that we understood and that we were looking forward to it!

When our chocolate arrived…it was as thick as pudding…and twice as good!

Nutella is a staple in Rome!  At our first breakfast there, I noticed that Nutella was plentiful thought the luxurious buffet.  There were many croissants and pastries and, all you could ever want, of Italian meats and cheeses!


In Venice we found a waiter who looked just like, Mr. Bean, of United Kingdom fame!  This was fascinating to me…as my friend Jeff and I had been watching Mr. Bean on his I Pad…late into the evening as he had been to ill to leave the flat that we were staying at.  Jeff would laugh so hard that tears came to his eyes and he got chocked up…but he did have bronchitis!

If you have never been to Florence…you must go!  Be prepared for sensory overload!  The majestic beauty of the art and buildings of the Medici’s is dizzying!

Mary Jane and I found a ristorante in Florence that totally suited us…we felt at home.  We must have eaten there, three or four times, during the week that we were in Firenze.  One thing that we noticed…they did not get in a hurry.  It seemed that each time that we were there…our wait for the check…was a little longer.  On our final visit we were on a bit of a schedule and I had to ask our waiter, twice, if we could have our check as we had an appointment.  He apologized and assured me that he would get it to us soon….and another hour passed…

Our stay in Tuscany was splendid.  Our Bed and Breakfast was in an old farm house, some of which was built during the 12th century and the new part during the 16th century.  The couple who lived there were colorful!  The woman and her son, ministered to the chickens and collected eggs, at about midnight.


We went to a local fair in the adjoining town of Montecatini Terme.  The gentleman of the farm house gestured to me as we ate the delicious food and although neither of us understood the other’s language…we communicated!

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