We All Watch What People Do…Not What They Say!

We humans love to talk!

We proclaim allegiances and promises and pledges and loyalty.

But do we deliver on our verbal proclamations?

I have heard it said that, ‘talk is cheap!’  However, so often we base our fealty to the person who can spin the best verbal salad!


I had one of my foreman tell me, many years ago, that they had difficulty trusting me.  When I inquired as to if I had ever, not produced, what I had told her or if I had ever lied to her…she replied that I had not!

IMG_4675 3

It was my practice during my 25 years of management at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…to never tell a member of my staff, anything, that I did not plan on doing!

Talk comes easy…actions take work!


I have made statements to my colleagues…that subsequently took years to produce…but I followed through on those verbal declarations and delivered the promise that I had made.

A leader can not be everything to everyone!  It is better to be silent than to say something to someone that you do not mean!

Politicians make a plethora of promises…and they keep…few!

I do not mean President Trump…I mean all of them!

Hard questions and close monitoring of our presidential candidates should be observed to ensure that their rhetoric matches their campaign delivery!


I am proud that I stayed true to fallen chancellor Jo Ann Agersinger.  She was a fan of mine and she was a fan of blue collar staff at our university.  I admired her for her, real, dedication and her, valiant, attempt to deliver on her verbal promises!

When my minister tells me about the love of God…I want them to demonstrate that to me…when my supervisor or administrator tells me that I deserve a promotions…I want them to work toward the delivery of that, important, declaration…when my president tells me that he wants to make America Great Again…I want that covenant to include all Americans….of which I am a member!

IMG_4677 3

The Snake Oil Salesman understood that talk is cheap!  He understood that people are suckers for a good line….that everyone wants good health from a bottle!

When the salesman, assures, me that I am purchasing one thing….and I later find that what he said was a lie…and that I purchased a lesser product than what was described to me…then I am a skeptic!

When the boss tells me that I am in line for a raise and a promotion…and it does not occur…what was the reason for mis-leading me?

When the minister tells me that if I will do what he/she tells me…I will be wealthy….where can I find that in the Bible?


I fear that we have become a country of gullible and not well-read individuals.  Easy media…that does not require much thought…has captivated our minds!


I have experienced charismatic persons who have a command of, captivating, rhetoric…obtaining, massive followings of people who are starry eyed and excited and motivated about  a lie!

I would liken it to a beautiful cake that has the most delicious icing on it and that is decorated in an immaculate manner…but when you cut into it…it is full of sawdust!



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  1. tonylhynnbrennand | Reply

    Yes we have to walk the talk.

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