Life Is Lovely In It’s Fragility

I have just returned from my, Sunday Campus Stroll, and I marveled at the fragile beauty of spring nature!

IMG_4727 2The spring blossoms and blooms and flowers…last but awhile!  Capturing their beauty is fleeting!

IMG_4729 2

When the splendor of spring is with us…we think that it will last forever…but one morning it is gone for another year.

IMG_4720 2So, it can be said of our time upon this Earth.  We grow and bloom and blossom and prosper on life’s stage…and then we wither and, seemingly, die.

During our human experience one fact is certain…we are fearfully and wonderfully made…and we are extremely fragile!

IMG_4747This is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Often we do not think about how many of our friends and colleagues and family have mental health issues?

Many do not consider that they could be dealing with a mental health issue…and that there is help for them.

In our hurry-up and stressful society…nothing is more important than kindness!

Nothing is more important than empathy!

Nothing is more important than respect for our fellow traveller on the road of life!

IMG_4703We value our beautiful flowers and trees and put great love and care into their thriving and growth!

IMG_4700 2Certainly we must have no lesser care in the tenuous and fragile and miraculous men and women that we come in contact with!

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