Managing Expectations

I laughed, heartily, at the skit that,  SNL alum, Adam Sandler was in on last week’s Saturday Night Live!  This was his first return to the show that gave him his start, well, over twenty years ago.


‘…the sketch takes an unexpected and delightful turn about a minute in, when Sandler turns toward the camera and begins lecturing the audience about not pinning their hopes for a better life on tourism:’    Slate

‘People love us, But every so often a customer leaves a review that they were disappointed or didn’t have as much fun as they thought.  So here at Romano Tours, we always remind our customers, ‘If you are sad now, you might still feel sad there, OK?  You understand?  That makes sense?’   Slate

‘A day is a long time to feel happy, for all of it.  Most of us get 45 minutes if were lucky.’    Slate

Having had the opportunity to travel to some very interesting locations…I can attest that Sandler’s character, in the skit, was right!

I remember riding on a tour bus in Ireland and an elderly couple setting in front of us.  The gentleman kept exclaiming to his wife that he had told her and told her to not wait until the back of the line…and now…she must see the poor seating that they had been forced to endure!


The wife responded by telling her, curmudgeonly, husband, ‘shut up…shut up….shut up!’


The out of sorts gray whiskered man responded, ‘I am not shutting up G– Damnit!’  He said this about ten times!


I taped the lady on the shoulder and offered her seats that were located next to Mary Jane and I and that had more leg room.


The, harried, women said, ‘No thank you…he needs to stay where he is…with his attitude!’

I considered that this couple could have saved a significant amount of money by staying at home…as you can be miserable there for no additional cash outlay!

I have known many people who seek a change in venue to achieve nirvana!  When in practicality…our happiness or dissatisfaction travels with us…like a monkey on our back!


Photo by Nitin Dhumal on

When I travel I am open to new experience and new people and a different way of living than what I am accustomed to.  I see travel as an explorer that seeks knowledge and a widening and deepening of my life experience.  I want to learn what I do not know!

In Italy we learned the slower pace of the Italians and their love for savoring food and wine at their ristorante.

person slicing pizza

Photo by Vince Rvd on

In France we learned that the French are not loud people…like many of us Americans.  When going into a store or market it is advisable to address the proprietor or the sales person with a, proper greeting, and a cheery demeanor.

ballet dancer performing stunt with eiffel tower background

Photo by Carolline De Souza on

In Tunis, Tunisia I, quickly noticed that the Tunisians responded to a friendly greeting and that they were not only hospitable but that the tea and cakes that they gave us was important to their interaction with us.

people walking on wooden dock

Photo by Abene Sebei on

We Americans are in a bustling hurry…for no good reason.  Europeans want to take time to know you and your humanity.

If you are standing in line in the United Kingdom and someone attempts to break in front of you in the, queue, the person that is waiting on the participants of the queue will, quickly, inform the, rude, person that they must step to the back of the queue…and they will not wait on them if they do not!

architecture black and white boat building

Photo by Juhasz Imre on

Wherever I travel…I find that, Jay, comes with me!



Note: The photo of Adam Sandler and the photos of Ireland are courtesy of Google.


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