We were so happy when Mary Jane got a good report from the Ophthalmologists, in Fairview Heights, Illinois, that we decided to have a celebratory lunch at Lottawatta Creek Restaurant that is across from the St. Clair Mall.

Jonathon noted that the restaurant not only had, humongous, portions but that they had a special on Long Island Ice Tea, and we do enjoy tea!

Being both in high spirits from the good report from the eye doctor and with a, more than adequate, apportionment of Long Island Ice Tea in our bellies…we decided to go across the way to the mall and visit the pet store to see if there were any doggie Christmas surprises that we could obtain for our, only, dog….Brody.

When we entered the Pet Store I quickly pursued the isles to ascertain if they had any Boston Terrier pups?  We saw a little black and white Boston pup…but no others.  When I asked if they had any Brindle colored pups, the store attendant told me that they had a sweet seal colored Boston…and that they were quite rare!  Nothing would do me but to lay eyes upon the prize!

When the, kind, person brought Wallace T. Brooks out for us to admire…we were smitten…immediately…it was love at first sight!

He was so small and brown and white, like the color of a fawn, and he had a snotty nose!  He was so ugly…he was cute!

We, without delay, placed half of his price down to secure his ownership and returned a few days later to pick him up!  When we were finishing the purchase of Wallace T. we were told that the Vet had cleared him…only later to find out that he was close to pneumonia!

He is a Boston gentleman of dignity and character.  His mom is his idle and, often, when momie returns from a trip…a little urine drips down both of Wallace’s legs…in joyful and uncontained love and adoration!

Uncle Ron stayed overnight with us a few years ago and the following morning he was happily petting Wallace T….until I heard Ron cry out in pain and exclaim, ‘he bit me!’  When I inquired if he had brought blood…Ron responded the he had!  I noted that once in a while he was guilty of a, loving, bite!


When anyone of our household is preparing to leave…Wallace barks his disapproval, especially Johnathon!  When someone enters our home…he does the same!  He is a good boy!


Wallace is nearly 11 years old…and until recently has been the picture of health!


Now he has cancer…and it is aggressive!  The description that we received today is bleak…and it is obvious that he is suffering!

The T. in Wallace T. is the result of our enjoying Long Island Iced Tea prior to his purchase!



Join me in saying goodbye to our little friend and companion.




20 responses

  1. OMG. I am so sorry. What an adorable baby. It is SO HARD to lose a baby. I’ve put down too many. *tears*

  2. Thank you my friend!

  3. I’m so sorry Jay! It’s so hard to know when you have to say good bye. Wallace had a loving home and was the family fur baby. I know you, Mary Jane and the entire family are morning his loss. I know how hard it is.

    1. Thank you so much! The decision to say goodbye is hard.

  4. “… and may angels sing you to your rest.”

  5. Pam KingNaputi | Reply

    Aww so sad. I know he will be missed. But always remembered with Love.

    1. Thank you my friend! 🌞

  6. I am so sorry 😢.
    My mommas little guy, Hub, part pug, part Boston. He is 15 years old and has heart issues. He is our baby, my little brother, a part of our family, we know he is hurting and in return, we hurt. I know how you and your family are feeling and I just want all to know that I am thinking of you!
    P. S. My mom’s favorite dog is a Boston Terrier, she raised them when we were growing up.

    1. Thank you so much! Boston’s are wonderful and faithful friends. My best wishes to Hub!

  7. Poor dear fella. Looks like he is suffering indeed. How lovely that you have enjoyed such a good friend and given him a fine life. Our Frenchies (Boston’s cousins) join me in shedding a tear for Wallace and bidding him au revoir!

    1. Bless you my friend! 🌞

  8. Bless you, it is such a hard decision to make when the time is right, but it looks like Wallace had a very happy and loving home. I dread the day (which will hopefully be a long time off) when I have to make the same decision for Bob. They really are a gift to our lives x

    1. Thank you my friend! It is a difficult decision. They are great gifts!

  9. Bill vanmetre | Reply

    Oh no, Wallace, so sorry to hear about him. Know what a special place in the Brook’s hearts he has been. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you as God calls him back home.

    1. Thank you my friend! 🌞

  10. I’m so sorry about Wallace….

    1. Thank you my friend! 🌞

    2. Thank you, my friend. 🐶

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