Six Months Until Christmas Eve!

Does it seem to you that Christmas Eve was a week or two ago?  Or at least not more that a month back?

We were talking about a trip to Maine during the last of May and the first of June…and now we have been and are looking forward to returning!

IMG_5044Little Wallace was with us and now he is gone!

IMG_4942And, so, 2019 scurries by…and waits for no one!

clear glass with red sand grainer

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I often wonder if time, as we understand it, is an illusion?  In our reality we are ruled by the clock and the calendar.  The hourglass is running!

Einstein believed that time was the fourth dimension.  He postulated that time was an illusion and that, in theory, time travel was possible.

close up of text

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.comi

Regardless we live within the construct of time and it is imperative that we make the most of each day that is given to us.  Whether it be Christmas Eve or a trip to Maine or a loved one who needs to hear from us that we care!

This life is a bit like a rollercoaster or a fast moving locomotive, the European kind, and it does not pay to take your eye off of what is important to you…for to long.

red roller coaster

Photo by Stas Knop on

clouds engine fast iron

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