A Christmas Miracle!

Santa Is Real!

The Jazz Man

Billy Bump was excited!  It was Friday after Thanksgiving and it was time to do all things Christmas!  Billy and his mom had just moved to West Street in El Dorado.

Times had been somewhat hard, financially, for Jane and Billy.  They were renting from Jane’s sister, Gertrude, and she was a good landlord!  Gertrude would often stop by with soda pop and some garden vegetables.  Billy enjoyed the pop and tolerated the veg!

However, Christmas was coming and all routine worries and cares melted away in the face of a visit from Santa Claus!  Now, Billy was a fan of Santa since his days in Chicago.  His mom and dad, before they moved and divorced, had given him a Laughing Santa for one of his first Christmases!  Billy loved Laughing Santa and when he came out of Christmas storage…everything was right again!

Laughing Santa had was about a foot…

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