Sammy and Jenny at the Eighth Grade Dance

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I invite you to read my latest flash fiction story.

Life is supposed to be lived with all or nothing courage. I kept this thought close to my heart when I walked up to Jenny at the dance. Sammy, play it cool. Play it cool, Sammy. This thought raced through my mind at a million miles per hour. It might’ve even been one billion miles an hour.

And there was Jenny in her beauty without a cup of punch. I wondered if she was a blue punch sort of lady or a red punch gal. I decided to ask her. “Jenny, what kind of lady are you?”

“Excuse me?” she said as her face turned the color of one of the punch options.

“Are you a blue punch lady or a red punch lady? I’d like to bring you a cup of punch, but I did not know whether you…

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