Enthusiasm Makes The Difference!

A, rare, non-fiction story for thejazzmanblog.home.blog

The Jazz Man

We visited Bath, Maine at the end of May, and we met some enthusiastic Mainers!

We first stopped in at a lovely little store that had a plethora of items created in Maine.  They had the most comfortable bar stools that I have ever sat on…and there was no bar…or beer!  They also had an assortment of long narrow paintings of ocean scenes from Maine that were both intriguing and which fit nicely above a doorway.


But, what made this store in Bath so special was the wonderful woman who waited on us!  Her excitement and energy and total buy-in to the items that she was showing us and her demonstrated love for Maine…was compelling!  If you entered the store with no particular desire to purchase something, this resident of Maine would have you wanting to participate in the Maine experience before you left her establishment.


While we in the…

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