A Harley Davidson Adventure!

Billy Bump is at it again!

The Jazz Man

Did I mention that Billy Bump’s dad had a Harley Davidson motorcycle?  It was the jumbo model from the early 1960’s!  The beast, as Billy called it, was able to comfortably carry dad and mom and Billy, in the middle of them.


Now Billy’s father was not just into his Harley…he had the leather jacket and motorcycle hat and he carried a concealed hand gun, that he did not have a permit for, and he did not seek trouble…but he was on a hair trigger ready for it should it find him!

Billy’s dad enjoyed jazz music.  He would listen for hours to Billie Holiday sing…while he had a far-away look in his eyes.  Billy’s father had fought in World War II in the Pacific Theatre.  He had seen action on Okinawa and refused to speak about what he had witnessed.  He had left a wavy haired boy…and had returned…

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