Billy & Steve…’Down By The School Yard’

Billy and Steve Down By The Schoo Yard!

The Jazz Man

Billy and Steve were in the Christmas spirit!  Billy had graduated high school and had not a real plan as to what to do with his life going forward.  He actually was so involved with church work and his regular 8am – noon job at the furniture store…that there was little time for thought and planning.  Billy had struck out on his own without a job and with little visible means of financial support.  In fact for the ‘Board’ portion of ‘Room and Board’ he was sleeping in the church.

brown and blue house on mountain Photo by Matt Hardy on

Steve had left home and hearth as well and seeking gainful employment.  He was a good natured person with a constant mischievous smile on his face!  Billy had hailed from El Dorado, Illinois and had invited his buddy to spend the Christmas holiday with him at his mom and step-dad’s home.  They were both…

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