My Buddy And Brother…Ron!

It is my buddy’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Ron!

Ron has been much more than my brother-in-law for the past over 41 years…he has been my brother!

From the evening of March 24, 1978 when I met Ron…I liked him and felt an affinity for him!  If you would like to meet a good hearted and kind person…you should meet Ron!

I have spoken with my buddy for countless hours about the vagaries of life and the mystery of our existence.  We have commiserated over politics and religion and family and the roller coaster ride of life.

We have traveled together and have been privileged to stay with him and his lovely wife Ira…on several occasions.  These are always pleasant and memorable experiences with both of our hosts going extremely out of their way to make Mary Jane and I and Aaron and Jonathon welcome and comfortable and maximizing our vacation pleasure!

This fine man loves his family and it is a bedrock of his existence!  He knows how to have fun better than I did when I was in my twenty’s!

Ron has made my retirement extremely enjoyable and complete!  We have set plans to travel with he and Ira Kaye for the next two years and I could not be happier!

Ron is a man that even when we disagree he respects my opinion!  I would call him a blue collar scholar only because he is adept in all of the manual arts and yet is extremely well read and educated and can talk on any subject that he is presented with!

We visited Jamaica just after I  retired and he suggested our traversing a waterfall called Dunn’ s River Falls.  I struggled for every step and foot hold and relied constantly on the kind Jamaican people to help me up the dangerously moss covered and, ice, slick falls!  While fearing for Mary Jane and my life…I watched Ron run up the falls and prance about like an antelope!

Ron joined Mary Jane and I on a Caribbean Cruise in January, 2012.  He was so enthusiastic and in to the gifts of a cruise that he renewed my love for cruising!  His comment for most of the meals was, ‘this is to die for!’

Ron is fun!  He is in the moment and he is interested in enjoying every minute of life that God has bestowed upon him!  He is an inspiration to me and I wish him Happy Birthday and another 50 more!

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  1. It is great to bond with kinship and develop good ties with your brother in law. Here is wishing Ron a very happy birthday and may he be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity always. * Our traditional greeting*🎁🎉🎈🎂

    1. Thank you, my friend! 😉

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