Television On Three Channels!

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The Jazz Man

Billy Bump enjoyed TV!  He began most of his mornings in the Chicago Heights watching Bozo the Clown which was a live production from Chicago.  Billy considered Bozo the funniest clown that he had ever seen!  Bozo had giant feet and a red nose and his face was white with clown makeup.  Bozo was such a regular in Billy’s suburban home that he thought that all kids must be enjoying Bozo at the same time that he was.

Billy sat upon a sectional couch that had four separate sections.  It was black and white and was the epitome of early 1960’s sheik!  He enjoyed his oatmeal while wearing his pajamas with feet in them.  Billy assumed that all PJ’s had feet in them and he enjoyed the warmth of them…especially in the winter.  In fact Jane, Billy’s mom, required that he wear his socks to bed, if he did not…

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