We Are More Alike…Than We Are Different!


As I sat in our church service this morning I reflected on the fact that we are more alike than we are different.  Politicians and media and, sadly, churches endeavor to separate the members of the human family.  We all love our children…we all seek love and acceptance…and we are all mortal and have a limited engagement on this planet!



I have witnessed faith communities that portray their god as hating all of the same people that they hate.  All to often religious doctrine and dogma is claustrophobic and suffocating!  We are taught that God likes people that are like us!  We are taught that God approves of people that our minister approves of!  We are taught that if you do not understand the mystical mysteries of Jesus Christ…that you are dammed to the fires of Hell!

Is this hypothesis really true?  Did the Jewish Jesus really have in mind as his select followers. only, people from the Bible Belt?

When Jesus said, ‘Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ that he was speaking, exclusively, of white anglo saxon people?

Every time that I observe people I notice that they are a whole lot like me.  We have many of the same struggles and challenges and joys!

During my career at the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale I was struck with the similarities between myself and the international students that I was around and worked with.  I saw how much they loved their families and their God and desired a better life for their children!

I witnessed the the perfect paradigm for peaceful living on the Earth in recognizing the perfect value of all of the members of the human family.

‘Your greatness is not what you have but what you give.’    Don’t Forget to Breath

I have witnessed the ugliness of racism and the marginalization of bias and the hatred of xenophobia!

To regularly and systematically repudiate and denegrate and demean the homes and towns and cities and countries of African Americans or Africans is is a shanda and a shame and a rebuke to the principles on which our country was founded!

I have heard the backroom sneers and low comments regarding African Americans.  I have witnessed prejudice towards a dignified and proud people and it sickened me!  I have watched abject ignorance touted as wisdom and intelligence and God’s law…when it was putrid and vile and disgusting and the furthest possible from the principles of Christ!

When will political leaders stand up and cry out against the vile cynicism and blatant racism of their colleague and stand on the principle of representing the people that sent them to Washington D.C…..rather than the principle of political expediency and the winning of the next election?

Premier Kruscheve of The Soviet Union told America that he would capture us without firing a shot!  We are well on the way, and perhaps are already there, when our president jokes and laughs with his buddy Putin and tells him to not interfere with the elections of the U.S…..while Vladimir Putin….laughs!





Note: Photos of Putin are courtesy of Google.

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