Almost The Announcer At the Homecoming Game!

The Jazz Man

Billy Bump loved Mrs. Bramlet!  His Speech teacher had an active interest in him since the day that he signed up for her class.  Mrs. Bramlet was from Tennessee and she love to regale the class with stories of her youth!  She often told the story of her first day at college where the advisor, snidely, commented the he had never seen a student from Tennessee with shoes on her feet.  Betty’s retort was that she explained the the shoes that she was wearing was the first pair of summer shoes that she had ever worn.  She went on to explain that the shoes were for the purpose of making a good first impression!

Betty was a large woman with a personality that far eclipsed her physical size.  She was a kind person and she was extremely supportive of Billy!  She loved his speeches…especially his impromptu ones.  Billy was the…

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