The Harley Arrives In El Dorado!

The Jazz Man

So, late Sunday night the Chicago Harley Davidson arrived in Beulah Heights in the little town of El Dorado.  Billy Bump had been riding for over 300 miles between his mon and dad and his butt was sore and he was cold.

There was grandma Erskine at the door and Bema alongside her saying, ‘Is that Jane and Junior…where is little Billy at…I hope that he did not fall off of the motorcycle?’

After a few pleasantries, and a cold mug of milk,  Billy’s grandma made him bed on the living room couch with Narky eyeing him from an upholstered chair that abutted the makeshift bed.  Billy remembered the days when they visited grandma Erskine that she called her little rat terrier, Nugett, but suddenly he had been transformed into Narky!

closeup photo of short coated white and gray dog Photo by Gilberto Reyes on

Now Narky was a mean little shit!  He did not like Billy one…

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