‘This Could Be The Start Of Something Big!’

‘This Could Be The Start Of Something’ (generally known as ‘This Could Be The Start Of  Something Big’) is a popular song by Steve Allen, published in 1956′

IMG_1391 2

‘Originally, the song was written as part of the score for the 1954 television musical production of the Bachelor.’

‘In 1956, ‘This Could Be The Start Of Something’ replaced the original opening theme to Allen’s NBC talk show, Tonight Starring Steve Allen, until Allen left the show in 1957 to be replaced by Jack Paar.’    Wikipedia

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Jonathon and I strolled the beautiful Campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale this morning.  The Campus was resplendent in all of late summer beauty!  Band students were carrying their instruments and their bass drums and young women were bringing their flags, for cheering, and walking to the same area that I have seen them congregate at for the past 41 years!

IMG_5620 2

Dr. John Dunn is our Interim Chancellor and he is a good man and a great leader!  I had the privilege of working with him in the last decade before Western Michigan University had the wisdom to make him their president…while we languished!

IMG_4994 3

Chancellor Dunn’s magnetic personality and real interest in everyone in the university community…is a significant assets to our school!

Matt is the Chancellor’s chief of staff and he is a wonderful and open person!  Each occasion that I speak with Matt…I know that my University is in good hands!

IMG_4240 2

The Grounds staff has been working their fingers to the bone and their handiwork is apparent everywhere you cast your eyes!

Building Services have the floors shining and the classrooms glistening and the indoor facilities ready for the honored members of our community…our students!


The academic programs and disciplines of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…are unparalleled!  Would you like to be a part of a community that feels like family?


Would you like to be a member of a family where the office staff and the housekeeping staff and the faculty and the chancellor care about you on an individual basis?  If so…join the University that epitomizes the old Steve Allen song, ‘This Could Be The Start Of Something Big!’

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