The Fair

A evening at the Fair!

The Jazz Man

School had been in session for one week and had it ever been hot in the classrooms!  Billy Bump and his buddy Carl had been looking forward, with anxious anticipation,  for the Friday night opening of the fair.  There was customarily a parade just before the gates were unlocked to the fair grounds.  In the parade throng there were local celebrities, such as Minnesota Fats who lived just down the road, and as many politicians that could squeeze in.  The Governor was marching along with the first lady and he was smiling from ear to ear and passing out candy to the children and kissing every baby that was offered to him.  He waved with the back of his hand…much as Billy B. had seen Queen Elizabeth of England do in the news.

Leading the parade was a jockey riding a horse drawn chariot signifying the world renown harness race…

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