A Trip To The Vineyard

We had a wonderful visit with Ira Kaye and Ron, yesterday!  We made a pilgrimage to two of our local wineries, Von Jakob and Owl Creek.  Both were resplendent in welcoming winery mode!

It had been awhile since we had had the opportunity of visit and it was such a joy to spend time with them both!

Ira Kaye brought me a present…a Teddy Bear…which I collect…he and I hit it off immediately!

IMG_3636The older I become, 62 next month, the more that I realize how important family and friends are!

Von Jakob’s has a wonderful Schnitzel.  It is to die for!  That along with their stellar wine and beer and majestic view…. is an abundance of riches!

There were not many at Von Jakob when we were there, but there was the nicest young couple that offered us a plate of vegetables.  They were going to visit several of the wineries and they both had the day off and the husband told us that his mother-in-law was babysitting the kids.  I admonished him to stay until closing time…and he agreed!

As we were leaving I was attempting to get our party together for a group photo…when a gentleman asked if we would like for him to take a photo of all of us.

IMG_0894 2

Then it was on to Owl Creek that has a much larger venue than the last time that I visited there in 2011.

Now, Owl Creek not only has delicious wines to choose from but a specialization in cider of many different varieties.

IMG_0896 2There is a special pleasure in having long standing friendships whereby there is a language that you speak with each other that is not only friendly but understood by all parties.

I must reflect once again on the young couple that we met at Von Jakob.  I thought of the many times that Mary Jane and I had taken a day off to enjoy some relaxation time or even just a change of scenery from working hard every day and taking care of the plethora of home duties that ensue with family commitments.  I think that we must renew our enjoyment of the joys of retirement and free time and doing what you want to do!

IMG_0895 2Life is unique…and it is special….and it is short….we must enjoy every day…and diversify our areas of happiness….to drink in all of the abundance that God has given as a gift to us!


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  1. This is such a feel good read. It provides a sense of relaxation and thought.

    1. Thank you, my friend! 🍷🌞

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