62 Is Fast Approaching!

Yes, it is true…on the 24th of this month I turn 62!  Time has always passed quickly for me, but since I retired…it is rushing by like an out of control locomotive!  I can recall thinking that my elders, when I was young, were so old when they were 62, and now I am there….and it does not seem so bad.

I remember a minister, who I was fond of, taking his shirt off and demonstrating for several of the teenagers in the church that he could lift a 170 pound weight over his head…and he was 40 years old.  I do not think that I could have lifted that much weight over my head when I was 40.

Many of the children that attended the little non-denominational church that I attended through my teens and 20’s, now, not only have children but their children have children!

Several years ago we were blessed to have the opportunity to renew our friendship with our dear friends from the early 1970’s, Margo and Jeff, and as we visited I contemplated that it seemed that no time had passed between us…when in reality it had been more than 20 years since we had  been together!

One of the most enjoyable privileges of retirement is the opportunity. to have time to think and reflect.  Life whirls by so rapidly that it can make you wish for a chance to have some time lapse photography at your disposal.

I grew up as an only child and subsequently learned to do many things by myself.  I discovered games and activities that did not require anyones participation but my own.  However I was so pleased to learn in February, 2012 that I did have some siblings that were interested in contacting me.  I saw my lovely sister, Jolene’s photo on Facebook, the other day and I had to share it on my page.  My brother Brock, who is the youngest of the Brooks lineage, while I am the oldest, is coming to see us, along with his sweet wife Marcy, who I think of as my sister, in December…and it will be a marvelous Christmas present!

Mary Jane and I agree that our sons are the center of our lives!  Aaron and Jonathon have brought us an abundance of joy and love and peace, and we continue to be amazed at their abilities and care for others.

An advantage of Facebook, of which I have been a member for nine years today, is the connection that it provides with people that you have not seen or heard from in many years.  When I logged on  nine years ago, I noticed how many of my former classmates that it provided the ability for me to connect with.  I throughly enjoy seeing their, youthful, faces and reading what is transpiring in their lives!

Time goes by so quickly that it is a bit like gossamer wings or sand in the hour glass…it is impossible to capture!  Whatever trouble or trial that you are currently enduring…will pass.  Whatever joy or happiness or blessing that you are currently enjoying…is not forever in this life…it will pass.

If you are rich beyond measure…you will leave all of your money at the mouth of the grave.

If you are poor and ill and suffering…you will leave it at the mouth of the grave.

If you are happy and content and a  lover of life and all that it has to offer…you will leave it at the mouth of the grave.

That sounds morbid, I think!  I had another minister, once, who was stricken with liver failure.  Dean and I visited him in his hospital room and he looked like a skeleton with skin stretched over it.  And he told us a story.  John said that he had thought that he felt so bad and, seemingly had no hope of recovery…that he had prayed to die…when God had told him to look at the little plant that had been delivered to his hospital bedside by a well wisher.  John said that he had watched the little plant struggle for life and turn brown and begin to whither…and then green shoots began to appear and the plant fought back to live…and it recovered!  John said that God told him that all of his living creatures wanted one thing more than anything else….life!  Dean and I prayed for our pastor…and he lived and began to gain weight and flourish.  Later he was able to receive a liver transplant and subsequently lived for several more years!

There is a bit of an anti-climatic feel to this life, no?  It races by so quickly,  that the feeling is a somewhat like experiencing  the old carnival ride where you entered a large tub and stood along the wall…whereupon the tub began to spin and the centrifugal force held you against the wall as the tub leaned sharply to the left and to the right.  You knew that this was your reality…only as long as the tub was spinning.

Could it be that this life is but a mere preparation for our endless life throughout eternity?

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  1. Happy Birthday BJ! Blessings for good health, happiness and may your wishes come true.🎂🎁🎉💕

    1. Thank you, my friend! 🥳

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