The Joys Of Fall II

Please enjoy The Joys Of Fall II!

The Jazz Man

So, Billy B. was frozen as he watched his ghostly father filming himself as a child and his mom, Jane.  Try as he might…he could not move his limbs.  Finally, Jimmy D. shook him and the apparition disappeared.  Billy fell asleep immediately and slept the sleep of the dead!

The next morning Jeff D. was in charge of breakfast, and it was delicious!  Bacon and sausage along with eggs and grits and homemade biscuits, that Billy B. constructed, and the luscious aroma of campfire coffee…was almost more than the senses could absorb!

Billy had almost forgotten the frightening images that he had seen the night before and assumed that it must have been the moonlight playing tricks with the shadows of the campfire?  When all of the sudden…Ronnie B. piped up and announced that he had seen three ghosts last night and that although he needed to pee during the…

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